Corneliani's Made-To-Measure Show Reveals The Secrets Of Classic Italian Suits
Corneliani’s Made-To-Measure Show Reveals The Secrets Of Classic Italian Suits

Hosted at the recent Gentlemen’s Edit at New Delhi’s DLF Emporio mall, Italian luxury menswear masters Corneliani brought a one-of-a-kind experience across their three-day bespoke tailoring workshop

Hosted by Corneliani’s made-to-measure specialist, Mr. Emanuele Federici, guests were taken through the minutiae of every part of the M2M process — as precise measurements, new fabrics, and enriching insights on the world of contemporary men’s fashion were shared. As the workshop progressed, Federici’s expertise saw client’s exclusive designs take shape within the confines of their own customisation requirements, across a unique range of suits, coats, jackets, trousers, and shirts — resulting in some of the finest Italian-made fitments available.


Corneliani’s suits have been worn by everyone from Italian opera legends to influential world leaders and executives


Corneliani, which has been operating out of Mantua, Italy for nearly a century, where a team of over 600 experts work through a meticulous 164-step process, that Federici — with his own in-house touch — elaborated on in great detail. Around 540 hand-finished stitches are required to put together a single garment manufactured at their workshop, with a stringent set of seven tests held before any product is allowed to leave the Corneliani bastion at Mantua.



Along with the clients, prominent people from fashion, design and entertainment industry were part of the workshop — capping off an exciting chapter for anyone with a penchant for finely crafted, elegant Italian menswear.


Lead Image: Corneliani

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