Diet Sabya Is Out Here Snatching Wigs – And It’s Delicious To Watch
Diet Sabya Is Out Here Snatching Wigs – And It’s Delicious To Watch

The Instagram page, Diet Sabya, is an expert in calling out fashion brands for copying other labels

All tea All shade All pink lemonade – Indian fashion designers and stylists really need to get a grip because Diet Sabya is knocking their wigs askew. The Instagram page which is modelled on Diet Prada, is an expert in calling out designers, stylists and editors for copycat designs and just basic bullshit.


Of course, we are all here with our glasses of wine for the drama that Diet Sabya regularly dishes out but we are also impressed by how the handle has started an important conversation on plagiarism and how people are treated in the Indian fashion industry.

Recently, the anonymous handle started releasing confessions by netizens who claim to have worked or continue to work in the industry – and the stories they had to share are shocking, to say the least.


One of the confessions went like this: “I used to work with this huge Indian design house last year and they basically had us recreate Dior’s Instagram. Not only that, their whole design process basically consists of lifting stuff off Pinterest and handing a printout to the pattern guys. We used to make hundreds of original designs and they rejected them all because, for them, Xerox trumps all.”

You can read the other confessions below:

The others were in a similar vein, revealing details of just how rampant plagiarism is in the industry and how actively major fashion houses promote copying. That’s not all – there are details of how stylists and editors abuse their power and bully employees.

Let’s face it – it’s 2018. Almost everybody has a smartphone and access to social media. If there’s one thing that the whole #MeToo campaign has proved, its that powerful people cannot just get away with their usual nonsense anymore. While the Indian fashion and entertainment industry hasn’t been impacted as much as its counterparts in the West, it cannot continue to abuse its status and power. Watch out, copycats, Diet Sabya is watching.

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