Distressed Leather Bags Are The In Thing For Men Right Now
Distressed Leather Bags Are The In Thing For Men Right Now

Distressed leather bags are statement pieces that are deliciously understated

There’s always a certain class and comfort associated with distressed leather bags and while they have always been ‘cool’, it is only now that we are beginning to see them on men who aren’t necessarily artists or journalists. A staple in most coffee houses, distressed leather bags have been worthy companions while one discusses the state of the country and Satyajit Ray films.


The bags give off a charming ‘been there, seen that’ vibe and while they are extremely plush, they are also very edgy. When one imagines distressed leather bags, there is always an unavailable, poetic and bearded dude carrying it – somebody who discusses Descartes over a glass of whiskey neat.







(Credits: Kompanero)


The unique vintage and distressed Kompanero look is available only with Kompanero and no other brand has been able to replicate it so far. The brand has been able to create a niche for itself with its signature vintage style marrying contemporary trends with ageless appeal. Distressed leather bags are perfect for the modern, intellectual man because while it is a fabulous statement piece, it is also heavily understated.

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