Do The Denim
Do The Denim

Jack & Jones works to enrich the heritage of authentic jeanswear by respecting history, but also, at the same time, pushing the craft through innovative treatments and designs.

Jack & Jones are doing some exciting innovations with your regular denim. Here’s what your wardrobe should have this season, and how to style yourself best.


Everybody swears by denims around the world. Honestly, they must be the most worn garments in any man’s wardrobe. But, interestingly, there has been a drastic attitudinal change in how men shop for denim now. Earlier, it used to be “one pair forever” but today, men have opened up to changing trends in denim fashion and are always eager to stay updated and add to their collection. With hundreds of fits, washes, styles and new upgrades, denims have definitely made quite a journey from a boring staple to a statement piece.


Jack & Jones works to enrich the heritage of authentic jeanswear by respecting history, but also, at the same time, pushing the craft through innovative treatments and designs. It has taken Jeans Intelligence a notch higher with its Autumn Winter collection. Apart from myriads of enzyme, rinse, ozone-wash treatments and laser technology, Jack & Jones has also brought in an earthy vibe to the collection, with extensive mud wash to satiate the rising need of ruggedness. Jack & Jones has also introduced single seam denims, to give tough competition to the comfort of trousers. The collection also includes the brand’s high comfort fabrics such as super stretch and indigo knit, that are perfect embodiments of classic, masculine aesthetics with modern comfort.


Jack & Jones brings you its exclusive line of denims to solve all your style problems. These denims are for everyone — from people who believe in old school cool to the younger generation, heavily given to fashion trends. From regular to ripped, distressed, embellished and skinny, all styles are available to match your denim requirements.


Embellished denims



Denims that have been worked upon are a personalized extension of your style statement. These denims are for mavericks who don’t want to settle for just ordinary, and want to turn things up a notch. To make women ogle and men envy your style sensibilities, you need to get a pair of these embellished beauties. Stick to black tees and layers to finish the look. Be it a maverick anti-fit, slouchy wideleg or stretchy skinny, Jack & Jones always cuts to perfection in all styles and ensures a bespoke fit and a global style statement. So, whether skinny is the new notorious or the regular has become the new badass, grab your favourite pair from your nearest Jack & Jones store and make them sit up and take notice. Additionally, the brand also has printed T-shirts, camo jackets, parkas, plaid shirts, Chelsea boots, sneakers and so much more, to pack your wardrobe with.


Distressed denims



Wear a pair of distressed denims to throwback to your favourite rock band, or to revive the spirit of your first unabashed night of freedom. This denim subtly flaunts your unapologetic take on life and projects a sense of rebellion, non-conformism and individuality. Pair it with ripped tees, leather jackets and high-tops or boots. A couple of leather wristbands sum up the look.


Regular denims



Regular fits are most fashion forward when it comes to pairing or mixing combinations. These are versatile fits and can be a staple for your day-long activities. Add a scarf or a jacket, pair it with a crew neck knit or just wear it bare, folding the length – regular denims are destined to bring out the best in you. This denim also manages your waist size in the best possible way.

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