Fashion Meets Tech: Are You Ready For What The Future Holds?
Fashion Meets Tech: Are You Ready For What The Future Holds?

Fashion geeks, get your tech game on

Changing times call for new ideas and thoughts to keep up and designers are not holding back. Technology has always been an integral part of fashion as wearable tech gains continuous popularity. Every year at fashion weeks, designers try to incorporate new and improved ways to combine tech with fashion, giving all the fashion geeks something to look out for. Innovations come in all kinds, be it a new fabric, technique, or ways to see fashion through the lens of technology. We have a list of designers who are keeping an eye out for what the future of tech holds for fashion.



We are looking at an augmented reality hoodie that was showcased at the Vetements Spring/Summer’19 collection. A first in its kind, the characters on the hoodie move in a circular motion when scanned through a phone. We can’t wait for whats next in wearable tech at Vetements.

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Lanvin’s fall/winter collection saw a sweet union of art meets tech. Collaborating with Techism artist Krista Kim, the designer house created pieces using her digital algorithm paintings. It meant to symbolize the concept of humans in the digital age. The creations score high in tech and fashion. 

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Tom Ford 


Late last year, Tom Ford opened a stand-alone beauty store keeping technology at the forefront. The store is well equipped with digital screening table, virtual lipstick try-on and digital makeup mirrors with recorded tutorials. Indeed a huge step in the right direction. 

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Stav Ofman


Israel’s biggest fashion event, the Tel Aviv fashion week saw designer Stav Ofman’s new take on embroidery. Synthetic hair was used in place of traditional embroidery to create floral patterns and braiding. The contemporary take worked in the designer’s favor. 

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