The Monsoon Gear You Need To Invest In; Adidas WIND.RDY jacket,Birkenstock
The Monsoon Gear You Need To Invest In 

Sneakers, windbreakers, backpacks, and Crocs (maybe)

We’ll forgive you for thinking that it’s okay to step out in a frumpy raincoat, rubber slippers, and haggard shorts when the rain gods unleash their fury because you probably haven’t had the right kind of guidance. But after our comprehensive list that calls out the most kickass water-repellent gear that hits the sweet spot between style and functionality, you have no excuse but to look like your optimum best this season.  


The Versatile Raincoat 



Columbia Sportswear EvaPOURation jacket: Priced at Rs. 7,999 on 


This list wouldn’t be complete without a Columbia Sportswear name drop. Their wide range of rain jackets covered in quality fabric and presented in different designs are versatile enough to wear over your work clothes or on a trek in the great outdoors. If we had to pick one, the EvaPOURation jacket is a no-brainer—it comes armed with an advanced water-repellent fabric; has underarm vents for breathability; and packs down into its own pocket for easy storage. For guys that prefer their windbreakers to be slicker and cool enough to turn heads, the Adidas WIND.RDY jacket is a winner. It’s light, keeps you dry, and is good to look at. Plus, the unmissable 3-stripes give you instantly style cred. What more do you want? 



Adidas WIND.RDY jacket: Priced at Rs. 2,800 on 


Open Footwear 



Birkenstock Arizona Essentials: Priced at Rs. 3.490 on 


Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the style footprint of Crocs. Favoured by everyone from Questlove (there isn’t a red carpet his many rubber clogs haven’t graced, including the Oscars) to Diplo, who infused the hole-ridden slipper with trippy psychedelic colours. Most recently, Lil Nas X was named the brand’s global ambassador and dropped iterations with platform heels. But before you get creative and start rocking outrageous pairs, the trick to wearing Crocs is to buy a hype-worthy pair (our money is on Salehe Brambury’s most recent drop of Crocs Pollex slides) and wear them with serious BDE. If you’re not a fan, we’d suggest gliding your feet into Birkenstock’s wide, colorful, rain-friendly double-strap pairs that fuse are ridiculously comfortable as they are stylish. That the brand’s a hit with a global set of cool, alternative people makes it even more attractive.  


The Water-Resistant Backpack 



Mokobara Overnight Bagpack: Priced at Rs. 8,499 on 


Mokobara’s fast become a cult favourite in the accessory space, thanks to its versatile offering of bags (from suitcases to carryalls) in bright, happy colours. But it’s the Overnighter backpack that’ll take you through the toughest monsoon. Complete with a roomy interior, a detachable front pocket that converts it into a sling bag, a delicious vegan leather exterior, and nylon details, you’ll never have to worry about your belongings getting soaked. Better yet, you can take it on a flight, for a weekend getaway, to work, and even to the gym and it’ll never disappoint.  


Monsoon-Friendly Sneakers 



Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Gore-Tex: Priced at Rs. 14,995  on



Trèsmode’s Batistini Blue Leather Sneakers: Priced at Rs. 3,750 on 


It’s not rocket science that you need a pair of study Nike’s to see you through a wet day. And there’s possibly nothing more rugged than the Pegasus Trail 4 Gore-Tex. It’s a running shoe that you can wear daily. It’s got heavy-duty outsoles that could stick it to water-logged roads. It looks even better when worn over time. And once the monsoon’s over, you can put it on your sneaker rotation as a stylish pair to wear. If you’re looking for a more affordable version, Trèsmode’s Batistini blue leather sneakers are a safe option. The lace-up closure ensures a perfect fit and it’s a rare shoe where the soles are waterproof so there’s no chance of your kicks getting wet. To really nail the rain shoe game, invest in a care kit like Crepdog Crew’s portable sneaker wipes or the Jason Markxx shoe kit that comes with a premium shoe cleaner, a cleaning brush, a microfiber towel, and wipes. Basically, everything you need to make your sneakers look brand new even when the rains are long gone.   



Crepdog Crew’s Portable Sneaker Wipes: Priced at Rs. 999 on  



Jason Markxx Shoe Kit: Priced at Rs. 1999 on

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