Nutrition Tips In The Times Of COVID-19

Here’s everything you need to know about boosting your immunity and staying safe

While the world is grappling with the pandemic of coronavirus and the swiftly moving global crisis, the ascension in the cases of Covid-19 and nation lockdown has created panic across the country. The situation has raised numerous doubts among people on what they should do to safeguard themselves and their families from the virus attack.


To put an end to all confusion, Mans World India speaks to Fast&Up’s Co-founder Varun Khanna and Nutraceutical Expert Mona Mehta, head of technical marketing, on how to boost immunity and stay safe.


 Mehta says, “In these times, good nutrition and immunity boosters are one of the best tools to give your body a fighting chance against the virus.”




Here are tips from the duo on how to stay healthy





While quarantine might trigger you to binge eat, remain focused on balanced healthy meals. Now is not the time to lose control of healthy habits but to get a hold on them. Eat healthy meals with whole grains and vegetables. Include fruits like kiwi, dragon fruit and oranges and add colour to your plate. Don’t overthink and don’t overeat.


Self-isolation and distancing might also put us into a different mindset, which causes stress and poor sleep. Adequate rest is of utmost importance for the body as stress will just make you weak and lower your immune response. At such times, magnesium supplements like Fast&Up Magnesio can help to provide stress relief and improve sleep quality. Consume effervescent magnesium daily before bedtime. Consider stress as the enemy of immunity, so don’t panic and rest well.





Our immunity is our body’s defence system. It consists of various guards and soldiers who need daily nutrition to stay strong to actively fight against foreign particles entering the body. Impaired immunity makes us more susceptible to diseases and infections. Undoubtedly, in these times, strong immunity is more important than ever. Khanna points out that there are specific nutrients like Vitamin C and zinc that are known to help strengthen immunity. Vitamin C helps increase WBC production while zinc helps fight the virus. Fast&Up Charge contains Natural Vitamin C from amla extract and zinc in effervescent tablet form to boost daily immunity.  Just drop, fizz and drink.





Due to several lifestyle habits and anti-nutritional factors present in the food that we consume, it is difficult to obtain and absorb the required amounts of nutrients like vitamins and minerals from our diet. This leads to nutritional gaps in the body. Prolonged gaps translate into deficiency of these vital nutrients in the body that makes us feel dull, lethargic, inactive and unhealthy. People with weak immunity are an easy target for harmful pathogens like bacterias and viruses. Also, while some assume that a diet alone is enough to meet daily nutrition goals, it is important to understand that it is vitamins and minerals which convert or activate the energy from the food that we eat. Inculcate a daily habit of consuming an effervescent multivitamin with daily dosage as suggested by RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances).





Khanna adds, “It is a known fact that our body is made up of 65-70 per cent of water. Wonder why? It’s because all our cells and organs need to maintain fluid balance to stay healthy and function optimally. While we don’t go out and breathe in some fresh air or exercise, it’s important to get it from other sources like beetroot, electrolytes and water-rich fruits. Electrolytes are essential for muscle and nerve functions and for optimal oxygen supply and energy to the body. Make sure you and your family regularly drink water and electrolyte drinks for effective hydration.”





Dehydration makes our body’s pH levels acidic, which can be a causative agent for the onset of symptoms related to several diseases. Ensure you consume alkalising foods with detox properties like barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, etc. to ease digestion and detox well to help flush out toxins, and restore your pH levels to keep your body in a healthy state.





Stressing on the need to keep bones healthy, Mehta focuses on the need for Vitamin D3. “One of the most abundant sources of Vitamin D3 is sunlight. Our body needs sufficient Vitamin D3 to absorb calcium. Calcium does not get absorbed in the body without adequate Vitamin D3 and both are equally important for our bone health. Vitamin D3 and calcium deficiency is more common among women due to increased loss of bone density at different phases of life. However, men are equally found to be around borderline too. Consume milk, egg yolk, nuts, mushrooms and Vitamin D3-Calcium supplements to ensure daily bone care.”


There is little doubt that Covid-19 has affected several aspects of our lives right from telecommuting to shopping to virtual meetings to outright quarantine changing our daily routine, schedule, habits and even mental balance. But what’s more important right now is to maintain sanity with immunity. No one knows how long these virus safety measures will need to stay in place, but it presents a perfect time to protect and improve your health and fitness while practising social distancing and ensuring safety of everyone around us.


Khanna signs off with a simple message- Stay home, stay safe.

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