Sneaker Speak With Ranveer Singh
Sneaker Speak With Ranveer Singh

Sneakers are always the starting point of any look for Ranveer Singh.

When did you start collecting sneakers?


When I could finally afford them, at 26. It’s been about 5 years.


How many pairs do you own?


I would tell you, but I’m afraid you will judge me. The number is in triple figures. Let’s just say I have to dedicate a couple of rooms – one in each house – for my sneakers, and I have lost count.


What is the highlight of your collection?


Yeezys, of course, because you can’t just acquire them. It takes some doing. Then there are ones that have sentiments attached, which you can’t just give away – pairs  that are special and have seen special times. The ones you’ve danced non-stop in for 72 hours and are all kinds of busted.


The oldest pair you own?


It’s from the 70s – my dad’s low-top lace-ups – blue adidas Originals. They are my prized possessions.


Are they in good condition?


Good is relative, no? I think beauty is augmented as time passes by.


What do you have your eyes on?


I don’t have the white EQTs from adidas Originals, so probably those.


How do you like to style your sneakers?


They are always the starting point of any look for me.


Name three pairs of sneakers that go with everything.


Superstars, Stan Smith, solid Yeezys are the staples that will sort you out for life.

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