Style File: Rahi Chadda

Rahi Chadda is effortlessly stylish. You might’ve spotted him in Netflix’s Masaba Masaba, but he’s also a fashion influencer, global beauty entrepreneur, and multi-hyphenate in every sense of the word. We get a low down of his fashion choices, favourite purchases, and more

What are you naturally drawn to in fashion?


My aesthetics are an amalgamation of who I am culturally. I am a British-born Londoner through and through, but my heritage is Indian and I am very much in touch with that. I am drawn to the unexpected in fashion.


Your most memorable collaboration to date?


Working with Dior Beauty and being the first South Asian Ambassador for them in the UK. Additionally, being featured as one of Forbes 30 under 30 under the category of fashion was an incredible achievement, too.



Your most coveted purchase of the year?


Flared jeans; they go with everything. I would probably be buried in mine. In terms of brands, I love Tods — the leather they use is divine, and their shoes are incredibly comfortable. They are my go-to.


One thing that fashion weeks have taught you?


Discipline and perseverance. As a creator, during fashion week, we’re under an intense schedule. I’ve really learned to pace myself and structure and organise my time.


A vintage trend you wish you had the courage to sport?


I love vintage fashion, particularly high-rise trousers. I find that the fashion from that era also had a lot of odd combinations, which surprisingly worked. Different textures, colours, and patterns would be layered into unique styles by men. Now, I find we are more inclined towards and comfortable with monochromatic outfits.


Are you an online shopper? Which websites do you trust?


I do prefer trying clothes on before purchasing them. I’m not one to invest in fast fashion so for me., it is quality over quantity, always. I enjoy looking at the collections on sites such as Farfetch, Browns Fashion and MyTheresaMen, though.


Brands that have never let you down?


Dior’s La Collection Privee has been my trusty range to choose my scents from. The perfumes are very unique and incredibly long-lasting. Ambre Nuit is a great scent for both men and women.


Three things you always consider before buying an outfit, and feel other men should too?


Not three, but one. The best advice I can give is to not focus on trends. Understand what works for you. Understand your body type and which clothes can enhance certain features. We want to be confident and shine.



A fragrance we’d always find on your dress draw?


Dior Beauty Sauvage Elixir.


A fashion trend you’d never endorse; not even for a million dollars?


Socks and sandals.


A priceless gift you’re the owner of?


I have jewellery pieces that have been passed down to me from my mother, but my favourites are her pearl necklaces. It continues to be timeless and elegant, and yet, playful at the same time. And with genderless fashion in vogue, they can double up as versatile pieces, in so far as men’s jewellery goes.


True luxury for you is?


True luxury today is something that feels timeless, of good quality, and sustainable. The definition of luxury has evolved and it’s about savouring each purchase. Mindless consumption is on its way out and true luxury is slowly being processed.


Images: Rahi Chadda

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