After Striking Gold at the WBPF, Thakur Anoop Singh Shares His Fitness Mantra
After Striking Gold at the WBPF, Thakur Anoop Singh Shares His Fitness Mantra

The man who bagged gold at WBPF World Bodybuilding and Physique Championship, takes us through his routine.

TV actor Thakur Anoop Singh won the bronze medal at Mr Asia in October last year, and gold at Mr World in November. He talks about everything he had to do to win the title.




My day would begin with an empty stomach cardio at 6 am — when there is nothing in your stomach and your body is craving for some energy. So, your body is using all the energy stored in your fat. That’s how you reduce it. My session would include a cross-trainer machine at an incline of 10. That would burn 350 calories in 30 minutes. After that I would be on the treadmill for 20 minutes at a 5.5 speed of brisk walking. I would do hanging leg movements for my lower abs, upper abs and crunches, and one or two gymnastic moves. I would be back home at 9 am and have oatmeal for breakfast.




I would go to the gym again at about 1 pm for my heavy weight training, which would be for two hours. One day would be chest; the next day would be arms, biceps and triceps; another would be back; then I would take up my legs and so on. After that I used to go to Rodas hotel, in Powai. My mother obviously could not see me eating boiled chicken every day. So, she used to add salt or something else for better taste, which I could not abide by. So, I had to switch my entire meal plan to the hotel. The chefs over there understood. They used to prepare a customised lunch and dinner. I would have 500 gm of boiled chicken breast with broccoli, carrots, baby corn and other vegetables and one slice of watermelon so that the chicken would go down my throat. I had to literally eat the chicken with watermelon, because there was no taste. I would come home, rest for a while, and by 5.30 pm, have oatmeal again and about 10-15 egg whites.





The more I used to work out, the more easily I would recover. So, at 7.30 pm, when I would regain my energy levels, I would again go to the gym and be on my cross trainer for half an hour. Then, I would go to the sauna and do the steam. I would go to the Rodas hotel and have 300- 400 gm of dry poached fish with vegetables. Then I would come back and sleep sharp at 11.30 pm, so that I could wake up at 6 am.




I kept up with this schedule for three months. So, my sugar level would go down, I would experience blackouts, I would just sweat for no reason, my blood pressure would shoot up, and I would get cramps all over my body. Sometimes I would be in starvation mode, and just could not sleep.




I never cheated on my diet. I’m a very strong-willed guy. If I do something, I give my 100 per cent to it. So, I was very sure that I wanted the best physique possible. Every vein of your body needs to be seen in the competition. So, just before going onstage, I would have honey, sweet potato, jam, Nutella or peanut butter. It gives you so much energy that your body flourishes, and you get all the energy to perform.

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