5 Hair Care Tips To Ensure You Still Need A Comb After The Monsoon
5 Hair Care Tips To Ensure You Still Need A Comb After The Monsoon

These hair care tips will help you maintain your mane during the rainy season

If you are a Bollywood fan at heart and are privileged enough to not have to worry about the ruckus that the monsoon creates in most parts of India, you’ll naturally feel the need to do a little jig to ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ when the sky opens up.


While this may look great on Instagram and is generally a fun thing to do, there is nothing as bad for your hair except maybe the ultimate tragedy of having gum stuck in it. Considering that the liquids in the water cycle aren’t exactly pure, you have no idea how much damage the rainy season can do to your mane. Here are a few hair care tips you should follow:

1. Always wash your hair after a rain dance: “I washed my hair in the rain ya” is not an excuse to actually avoid washing it properly in the shower. As we have already mentioned, rainwater can be highly detrimental to your hair and hence, you should wash it immediately once your little Bollywood moment is over.

2. Drink lots of water: This seems to be the ultimate advice for everything. Keeping yourself hydrated is a must at all times of the year and especially in the monsoon when your hair is extremely brittle.

3. Braid your hair: If you have long hair, make sure to braid it before you go to sleep. It strengthens your hair follicles and also prevents breakage.

Remember, this is how you want your hair to look:

4. Wash your hair at least twice a week: Make sure your scalp is clean. Shampoo and condition your hair two to three times a week and use a comb to spread the conditioner evenly. Avoid using extremely hot water while rinsing your hair.


5. Your diet plays a huge role: Eating right does wonders for your body, mind and even your soul. Eggs, green leafy vegetables and fish are great for your mane.

Oh, and this may not be completely hair related but always carry an umbrella. You’ll avoid wet hair, wet clothes and a hacking cough. You’re welcome.

(Header credits: @danyalzee on Instagram)

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