A Gentleman’s Guide To Buying The Right Underwear

Your underwear is your best friend – choose the right one

There’s nothing in your life that’s more important than the underwear you wear. It’s your most intimate accessory and needs to be of the best material. To help you guys out, we’ve put together a detailed list that you should carry with yourself when you go underwear shopping.



Boxer shorts – dudes either love ’em or absolutely hate them. Whether you are a fan or a hater, you need to know a few things about them. First and foremost, boxer shorts go well with suits and pleated pants but aren’t recommended when you’re doing some physical activity as the band can dig into your skin. Things can get quite messy if you’ve got sensitive skin. Boxer shorts are usually made of shirt fabric material and are extremely roomy – the slit in the front is either buttoned or left bare and either way, offers easy access.



Briefs – they are classic and comfortable, cut in such a manner that they cover everything that should be covered while leaving the leg bare. They are well suited for those people who sit a lot (9-5 jobs, anyone?) and those who prefer skinny jeans (all millennials, basically). They are also perfect for those who choose to wear slim cut pants. Now, while briefs offer more support than boxer shorts while doing any physical activity, they aren’t as perfect as the next item on our list, boxer briefs.


Boxer-briefs – When Hannah Montana (aka Miley Cyrus) sang The Best Of Both Worlds, she had boxer-briefs in mind. They usually come with elastic around the waist region and hence, are more comfortable than boxers. They are also perfect for those who end up doing a lot of physical activity. However, they have a tendency to bunch up which can make them feel a tad bit uncomfortable.


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Thongs or g-strings – Go sexy and do something different once in a while? While summer is usually considered speedo season, men can opt to wear a sexy thong to spice up their sex lives or just to feel naughty. Imagine sitting in a boring meeting with the full knowledge that only you know that you’re totally rocking a thong under your trousers.


But most importantly . . .


Comfort is key. It’s imperative that you spend money on good underwear because they are going to be cradling your family jewels for most of your life. We all hate chafing and there’s nothing worse than going on a date that goes extremely well but falls flat when your lover discovers you’re wearing something gross.

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