5 Tips On How To Maintain Your Hair From Ranveer Singh's Hairstylist
5 Tips On How To Maintain Your Hair From Ranveer Singh’s Hairstylist

Everything you need to know about maintaining your mane

Darshan Yewalekar, the Director of D Shave Barbershop is known in the Hindi film industry as actor Ranveer Singh’s personal hairstylist. Singh’s hairstyles are as versatile as his film choices and as flexible as his persona. The actor has sported different looks in all his films, from the luscious locks in Padmaavat to the short hair in Simmba.


In an exclusive conversation with MW, Yewalekar shares five tips on how to maintain your hair.


1) Nothing keeps your hair in shape more than timely and regular trimming. Your barber or stylist will be able to advise you about your ideal frequency depending on your hair growth rate and particular cut, although four to five weeks is a good rule of thumb.


2) Remember your hair grows from your roots and is a reflection of your body. No amount of externally applied product can replace a healthy lifestyle. Work on ensuring a balanced diet and punch in those daily workouts and you will see the results not just in your body but also in the health of your hair.



3) With spring and then summer coming up, you may find yourself headed to the pool. When you do, please remember to protect your hair from chlorine before jumping in. Always use Argon or Coconut Oil before entering a chlorinated pool. The oil creates a protective layer that protects your hair from the corrosive nature of chlorine.


4) Conditioner primarily helps keep hair soft and non-frizzy, and is useful for men with mid to long length hair. It may not be very useful to you if you have short hair and therefore you may skip the conditioner.


5) Men with long hair should pay particular attention to ensuring thorough rinsing of hair after shampooing. If not done properly you may get residue left on your scalp which may lead to dry scale and dandruff. Make sure you get a thorough shampoo and hair wash done at your Barber Shop/Salon every other week if possible or at the very least every time you visit.

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