75 years of fine tailoring
75 years of fine tailoring

Sachin Vaish, owner of Vaish at Rivoli, spoke to MW on how they plan on celebrating their 75th anniversary

Father-son duo behind Vaish at Rivoli, Ashok Vaish (left) and Sachin Vaish


This year marks the 75th year of your brand. You have collaborated with the award winning Italian master tailor, Franco Puppato, to mark this occasion…


Let me start with telling you that I love what I do and I’m passionate about my field. I travel a lot, and wherever I go, I try and seek out the best tailors and usually have managed to go to their workshops and see their work, their different styles and processes of suit-making. It was during one such trip when I met Mr. Puppato. The most interesting thing about his style is that he specialises in making dartless jackets by molding the fabric. His pockets are shaped like gondolas, his sleeves have a slight crease on them for better flexibility. Although his cuts have a vintage, retro style to them, they are timeless. This is why I have invited Franco to India, to work with us for a bit, educate our tailors on his methods and in return, he’s learning from us too. He’s intrigued about bandhgalas and bundis.


How did you start out?


It was actually my grandfather who got me involved in tailoring from when I was seven years old. He was a workaholic and that sort of an energy and work ethics are addictive. After school and during my free time, I would end up at our store and would see and learn the whole process of how a garment is made. My grandfather and my father, both have studies tailoring at the Tailoring Academy in London. By the time I was old enough, the academy shut down. So, I did a post graduation degree in fashion from Pearl Academy of Fashion in Delhi.


Do you think that the awareness of bespoke tailoring has changed the way men dress and shop today?


It was in the 90s that I joined this business and that time was great for tailoring. Initially, there were brands like Hugo Boss and Ermenegildo Zegna who were providing bespoke and made-to-measure services. The customer was different then, and is different now. Now, we get 20-year-olds coming over to for bespoke suits. This awareness is happening because India is integrated with the west, with their ideas and cultures. And bespoke comes right on top when talking about western menswear fashion. Also, we live in the world of internet and technology where information is free flowing. Thanks to that, the costumer is now more educated and is more aware of the value that a bespoke, handmade suit has.


Do you think Indian men are well dressed?


You know, there is a disparity among people who are dressed well and those who are not. To answer your question, yes, I think Indian men are well dressed. We come from the land of luxury and royalty. If you read about how much effort they had put into their clothing, it would astonish you.


What’s next in store for your brand?


As this is our 75th year, we are thinking of having a curated art show. We have three generations of experience in this field and so, I assume, the interest level of people will be high. After that, we might get someone from Naples to teach us their techniques and styles of suit-making, just like how Mr Puppato has been doing.

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