A Platinum Melody
A Platinum Melody

Nothing spells timeless better than platinum. For Luke Kenny it adds a luxurious sheen to his personal style

Classic meets contemporary with platinum accessories for men. For the sophisticated man with an eye for elegance seeks understated platinum jewellery to give him the edge and add to his persona. Platinum is a timeless promise of style, self-esteem and values that successful men stand by. Thus, it does not come as a surprise when it is regarded as the metal du jour for fine jewellery. The significant pliability of platinum allows one gram of the metal to be drawn out to a fine wire over a mile long, which allows the creation of the most intricate designs with astonishing detail, something that cannot be achieved with other precious metals. From Fabergé to Cartier, the world’s greatest jewellery designers adore working with platinum. From rings to wedding bands, bracelets to cufflinks and watches to neck chains, platinum has introduced men to a whole new world of stylish jewellery and accessories.


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