A Summer Of Style: Accessories That Turn The Heat Up
A Summer Of Style: Accessories That Turn The Heat Up

This summer is all about jazzing up your comfy clothes with accessories that make a statement

Summer is the season for accessorising. Why, you ask? Well, when the temperature soars, men usually step out of the house looking identical — Cuban collared printed shirts, Bermuda shorts, sneakers. And there’s one correct way to break this uniformity, and it is through a simple trick: accessories.


While accessorising, a key element that needs to be kept in mind is subtlety. Designer Nikhil Thampi explains how investing in certain pieces can go a long way. “The most important factor that you should see is the versatility of the accessory. If or not it looks good on you personally. Invest in accessories that you won’t get bored with very soon. First, try to get comfortable with these accessories and then you can experiment.”  To begin with basic summer accessories, Thampi suggests, “Bags are already a progressive accessory for a man, hence I would like to go classic overall with my clothing so that the bag can make a statement. Sunglasses are always an add-on accessory to enhance your look and help with all the eye-rolling. Statement shoes are the way to go. Pick interesting sneakers and loafers to uplift a classic look.” And then there’s metal. Apart from formal events, metallic jewellery has taken its form into casual everyday wear and one such metal that’s been getting attention is platinum. “The summer of ’22 will see platinum jewellery for men as one of the biggest fashion trends to have emerged in recent times. Expressing one’s personality through diamond-studded jewellery, especially through individualistic pieces in a combination of platinum and gold as well as minimalistic rings, is sophisticated and stylish. Making a statement, and a bold one at that is what men are looking to do,” says Dipu Mehta, Managing Director at ORRA.


Here are six small additions that men should add to their #ootd this summer:





Rings in subtle accents of silver and gunmetal with intricate details engraved accentuate the look. They add a bold and dynamic personality to the overall attire and can be effortlessly paired with everyday looks for creating a bold statement or even with sleek formals to have a clean and debonair style, recommend designers Sasha and Kaabia Grewal, the founders of Outhouse.





Bandanas had several trend peaks in their time, but they are back with a bang. Seen around the necks of our favourite celebrities including Jacob Elordi, A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and many others, this tiny accessory is on the come-up once again and we couldn’t be happier about it. Nothing is as versatile, nor as uniquely cool as a bandana. Plus, they come in all shapes, sizes, prints, and colours.





Nothing says self-expression like bracelets that consist of hints of colour mixed with diverse metals, offering a sense of understated style and subtle statement. This subtlety gives these pieces a versatile freshness that can elevate a casual look or add a crisp flair to a formal look.





Bum bags or utility bags have had their day. Enter baggy bags. The rise of the jumbo totes is officially here. The baggy tote is arguably the perfect summer bag. Often offered in lightweight canvas or nylon, it is easy to carry, comes with a large practical compartment, and in a number of vibrant and muted shades. An ideal for everything  from weekend shopping trips to beach days.





Pendants in eccentric silhouettes are a great way of creating a careful balance between highlighting one’s everyday looks or mixing and matching for special occasions. A great option is to layer it up with different selections, which will have maximum impact when it resonates with one’s style.





Celebrity stylist Zainab Shakir recommends, “Unplay your bucket hat by matching the outfit to the colour of your hat, a monotone look always gives the impression of everything being much more put together. This summer, avoid colours like greys, olive. Brighter and warmer colours should be experimented with. You can experiment with pairing different styles with bucket hats and experiment with patterned hats with plain and simple outfits. Bucket hats should never be paired with formals or with athleisure.”





What is summer without breezy sandals? A refined pair of sandals on a hot day will complete any summer look. They have evolved from the lazy footwear of college boys and gym-goers to everyday-appropriate. The right aesthetically on-point pair will help you pull off your best casual looks this hot season.

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