A Walk Thought Mukesh Ambani’s New Rs 640 Crore Villa In Palm Jumeriah, Dubai
A Closer Look At Mukesh Ambani’s Rs 640 Crore Villa In Dubai’s Palm Jumeriah  

In case they needed a break from their Rs 15,000 crore worth house Antilia in Mumbai

The rich truly live in the world of their own, don’t they? It seems like being the owner of the world’s most expensive house wasn’t enough for Mukesh Ambani, who reportedly became the owner of a uber luxurious property in Palm Jumeriah, Dubai.   


Touted to be the most expensive deal in Dubai, the deeds are said to be finalized in April by Conor McKay of Belleview Real Estate. The property in question is a 33,000sq ft of state-of-the-art living space, with a private spa, handpicked Italian marble, and furnishing curated by Italian firm Giorgetti and Minotti. Of course, there is also more than 70 meters of private beachfront!  


While the details of the deal are still kept under wraps, the property is said to be worth around AED280 million, which is around $76.2 million, or Rs 640cr for the 10-bedroom, custom-built villa on Palm Jumeirah Island. In case you’re curious about what a $70 million mansion looks like, here’s what we found.   


Dubai Most Expensive Villa Ever Sold | 280 Million AED/ $76.2 Million |  



As mentioned earlier, the property is located on Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island created for the elites. Celebrities like David Beckham and Shah Rukh Khan are said to be some of the neighbors the Ambanis will have.



Located on the northern side of the island, the mansion is said to have 10 bedrooms, two swimming pools and a private spa.  



Every inch of the 33,000 sq. ft property is steeped in luxury, with Italian marble, a curated art collection, and more.   



There’s also a 70 meters-long private beach attached to the property.   



Along with seven spa facilities, the house also features an entire salon within itself.



A total of 10 bedrooms, an open concept kitchen, and a big dining space are only some of the highlights here.  



Apart from the exterior swimming pool, the villa also features an indoor one, just in case you wanted to go for a dip on a rainy day.  



Despite it dripping in opulence, the house might undergo a massive renovation to cater to the taste of the Ambanis.   

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