Alia Bhatt's Rules Of Style
Alia Bhatt’s Rules Of Style

Young actress on why you should give a damn about how you look

If you have all the money in the world, get yourself a stylist. He will help you put together a wardrobe that will be an envy of the world!


Having said this, also understand who you are. There can’t be a ‘do and don’t’ list that an expert will hand out to you. If you develop your own innate style, you will rarely go wrong.


Give a damn about how you look. When you start caring about how you come across, that’s when you will start paying attention to what you are buying.


Treat your clothes like an investment. Buy the best quality that you can afford. A serious wardrobe requires serious budgeting.


Avoid over-accessorising. A watch is a good enough accessory. You don’t have to add on a huge ring and a tie pin all at once. If you like rings, leave the watch.


Invest in one good watch that suits your lifestyle and taste. However, if you like to own more than one watch, wear the appropriate timepiece with your outfit.


Every man should own at least one made-to-measure suit. It makes all the difference to how you look, even if you are young and like the preppy look. A suit is never stodgy or out of fashion.


Try never to sport logos. Choose brands that are discrete about their logos. Sporting logos seem too ‘wannabe’.


Don’t overcomplicate. This rule applies to both men and women. It is easy to get carried away and add too many elements to a look. If your shirt is printed, then play down the rest of the look.


Always ensure that you have well-groomed hair and nails. Women notice that first. And, even smell, so invest in fragrances.

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