Amin Jaffer

The International director of Asian art at Christie’s talks about his wardrobe

What is a current trend that really catches your fancy?


The return of the double-breasted blazer. Recent versions breathe a casual air into this classic look.


Name a trend you would absolutely never be seen wearing.


Capri trousers —  they’re better on women than men.


Who are your favourite international designers?


Tom Ford and Brunello Cucinelli —  both are timeless, but with a witty and sporty twist. To be at my best, I need to be comfortable —  clothes from both of these houses do just that.


Are you familiar with Indian designers? If so, whose work do you like?


I don’t own anything by him, but I admire the work of Rajesh Pratap Singh —  his clothes fit beautifully. I have sherwanis made in Jaipur by East-West Tailors, in Civil Lines.


What are the accessories you like collecting?


Ties, pocket-squares and shoes —  accessories help to dress down and personalise the blue and grey suits that are my daily uniform. Accessories reflect my mood or the season.


 What do you want to add to your closet right now?


A pair of cufflinks by Viren Bhagat.


How would you describe your personal sense of style?


Original but understated. I rarely wear any patterns; I focus on fit, texture and above all, colour. My clothes all follow the same basic cut —  it is the subtle differences that give each day’s clothes a different character. I always have my jackets lined in Chinese red or a soft pink, to lend a discreet dash of colour.


Tom Ford, one of his favourite designers


Which is your favourite shopping destination?


Rome, because the clothes there fit me so well. The Italian brands I love most are Incotex, for trousers, and Kiton for jackets. I always visit Battistoni on Via dei Condotti, and shops in the surrounding lanes offer an unparalleled selection of shirts and ties, hats, belts, gloves and shoes by local Italian brands.


What did you last buy for your wardrobe?


I just ordered a pair of crocodile loafers —  perfect for a winter day, with a blue cashmere blazer and flannel trousers.


What are your style influences? Would you say you have a style inheritance?


Films such as The Leopard by Luchino Visconti were a huge influence, and showed me how clothes should be worn.


What would you wear for an evening about town?


A midnight-blue velvet blazer on top —  jeans or trousers depending on the destination. I avoid black —  unless it’s for a formal dinner, of course.


What has been your biggest wardrobe splurge, so far?


A cashmere coat with sheared mink lining —  I was in New York in December, and it was freezing. I don’t think that great clothes always need to be expensive. Uniqlo’s down gilets are a staple in my wardrobe — and are very reasonably priced.


A fragrance you swear by?


I love Vetiver Extraordinaire by Frederic Malle and Pour Homme by Caron, which reminds me of my uncle, Tajdin Jaffer.


Describe your daily wardrobe


Monday to Friday, it is a blue or grey suit in differing shades and weights, from cotton to cashmere, with a white or blue shirt, printed or woven tie, white or cream pocket square and black loafers. Weekends are more relaxed: chinos with a tweed jacket or a cashmere jumper, with brown or blue suede shoes, and evenings in jeans and blazer. I individualise my look with an Indian touch, either by wearing a gilet by East-West Designers, in Jaipur, or a lightly embroidered shawl around my neck.

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