5 Handy Below The Belt Products For Men To Use This Summer
Go Nuts!

With summers around the corner, things would get sticky if you don’t stock up on these

There’s been a cultural shift when it comes to men’s grooming in recent years, with a larger focus on staying hirsute on the top half of our bodies rather than the bottom. But how do I keep the landing strip clear without getting too close to the sensitive bits, you may ask? Let us tell you, gone are the days when men had to risk bathroom accidents while keeping clean down under. Today’s man doesn’t shy away from devices, creams, and even region-specific deodorants to keep his pearls in perfect condition all through summer. Here are some great products to get the ball rolling:


1) Man Matters Intimate Wash for Men
Rs 369


With summers around and the corresponding heatwaves around the corner, the climate is bound to get a bit swampy in your boxers. Fortunately, the folks at Man Matters have a solution with their intimate wash for men, which claims to be crafted by doctors and helps in gentle cleansing of intimate area with ingredients like aloe vera & tea tree oil to keep yourself refreshed and funk-free.


2) Nuutclean No Rinse Intimate Moisturizing Dry Wash
For Rs 399


If you lead an on-the-go life and don’t always have the time for a bath, the appropriately named Nuutclean offers a dry wash solution, which as the name suggests helps you in keeping stuff down there nice and fresh without the necessity of water. If you’re planning a roadtrip, don’t forget to stock up on these — your privates will thank you.


3) Zlade Ballistic Below the Belt Hygiene Kit
For Rs 799


Instead of buying everything separately, how about packing it all in one kit? Zlade had the same idea, offering their Ballistic Intimate Wash and Intimate Cologne Gel. While the former claims to help with sweat, bad odour, itching and cleaning any residue from condoms and lubricants, the latter serves as a moisturiser for your equipment.


4) SVISH Below the Belt Kit
For Rs 999


Packed with below-the-belt wipes, wash and deodorant, the SVISH kit comes with a travel-friendly design and is claimed to be made free of sulphate and paraben free formulations, leading to better skin health and less overall dryness down under.


5) SVISH Balls Trimmer
For Rs 8,999


In case you want to adopt a scorched earth policy for the summers, SVISH’s Balls Trimmer comes in handy with its trimmers specifically being designed for intimate shaving. Completely sidestepping the potentially traumatic experience of maintaining a fuzz-free

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