The Best Camo Picks To Cop This Season

Five hot sellers that are too hard to miss

Camouflage is so omnipresent these days that instead of helping one blend into the background, it in fact, highlights one’s presence. All very well then because the one thing we know is that if you can’t lick ‘em…here are our picks for the top camo gear to truly blend in even as you stand out!




Levi’s Chinese New Year Litchie Oversized Graphic Hoodie





Nobody thought that this drop could become so hot and coveted. Sadly it was limited to SE Asian markets and most people didn’t get to see this wonder.




Staple Pigeon Airborne Crewneck



This is another great example of an unusual colour choice for camp. But guess what, it works. A specula touch are the (pigeon?) wings on the back.




Carrots x Mark Mcnairy Duck Long Sleeve



This is not just plain camo, it is a special collab version. And it’s got a duck on it! Seriously, what’s not to like? In case you don’t like ducks (you crazy, crazy person) here is an option in pastel camo with a daisy on it. Happy?




Bape Mix Camo Shark Crazy Wide Sweat



These guys are the OG daddies of camo and this version goes all out, combining a four-panel front with different shades of camo, superimposed with their famous shark-face motif.




Supreme Box Logo Crewneck Woodland Camo



The trouble with anything ‘preme is that it is either impossible to get or further impossible to afford. If you can cross these hurdles, then this is a neat one to go for.

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