5 Best Fashion Documentaries To Watch Before 2023 Ends
5 Best Fashion Documentaries To Watch Before 2023 Ends

Stream these for deeper insights into the high-stakes drama of the fashion world

Have you ever dreamt of sitting in a front-row seat at the world’s top designers’ show? While not all of us can snag that exclusive spot, there’s a backstage pass waiting through documentaries. Delve into the creative minds crafting iconic designs and witness the high-stakes drama of fashion weeks. These documentaries unveil the secrets behind the hush-hush hallways of fashion, offering an intimate and sometimes tumultuous glimpse into the glamorous world of style.


Dior and I (2014)


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“Dior and I” is a 2014 documentary offering an inside look into the world of haute couture at Christian Dior. Directed by Frédéric Tcheng, the film follows Raf Simons’ journey as he takes on the role of creative director. It captures the intense and creative process of crafting his first haute couture collection for Dior, highlighting the collaborative efforts of designers and artisans. The documentary humanizes the industry, portraying the dedication, craftsmanship, and vulnerability involved in creating high-profile fashion, making it a must-watch for those interested in the artistry behind the runway.


Bill Cunningham New York (2010)


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In the world of fashion photography, one name stands out – Bill Cunningham. Contrasting with New York’s opulent fashion scene, Cunningham led a modest lifestyle but left an indelible mark on the industry. Renowned for his unique and candid street photography, the documentary delves into Cunningham’s life, offering an intimate glimpse into his dedication to capturing the true essence of style in everyday people. As a fixture in the fashion world, his contributions to The New York Times, particularly through columns like “On the Street” and “Evening Hours,” solidified his legacy. Despite an imperfect life, the documentary reveals Cunningham’s profound fulfilment, showcasing the infectious joy of a man committed to documenting his passions.


McQueen (2018)


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The documentary “McQueen” explores the enduring impact of British designer Alexander McQueen through the iconic skull motif, revealing its adaptability and symbolism. Directors Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui take a cinematic approach, delving into McQueen’s audacious career in the 1990s fashion scene. Through intimate interviews and archival footage, the film captures pivotal moments, emphasizing the emotional depth of McQueen’s work. The transformative shows, such as the controversial Highland Rape and the subversive Voss, are narrated by those closest to the designer, providing a nuanced perspective. The documentary argues that McQueen’s fashion transcends commercial success, making a compelling case for it as extraordinary art accessible to a broad audience.


Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards (2017)


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“Never take yourself too seriously, or it’s game over,” said renowned shoe designer Manolo Blahnik in this documentary focused on his life and work. The film offers a genuine appreciation for Blahnik’s craftsmanship, expertise, and rich historical knowledge. The documentary highlights his hands-on approach to design, emphasizing that he carves heels and sculpts 3D shoe templates. Despite his illustrious career and association with fashion icons, Blahnik remains a humble and cheerful figure, expressing admiration for everything from Goya paintings to a random woman spotted wearing his shoes in a railway station.


Wonder Boy (2019)


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“Wonder Boy” explores the dual life of Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing, contrasting his glamorous Instagram persona with the emotional journey of discovering his troubled origins as an adopted child. The documentary sheds light on the vulnerabilities of fashion designers, emphasizing Rousteing’s quest for identity. Despite occasional promotional indulgence, the film stands out for its authenticity, revealing the designer’s loneliness and attempts at human connection. With unprecedented access, the documentary provides a nuanced perspective on the complexities of a designer’s life in the fashion industry.


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