#BestOf2017: Men Who Brought Their Style A-Game This Year
#BestOf2017: Men Who Brought Their Style A-Game This Year

Let’s get one thing out of the way — the men who haven’t been included on this list, it doesn’t mean that they are not stylish.

Let’s get one thing out of the way – the men who haven’t been included on this list, it doesn’t mean that they are not stylish. They may well be, but as per our tastes, these are the personalities whose sense of personal style influenced us. 


Ranveer Singh






With Padmavati, we think Ranveer Singh has totally aced it as Alauddin Khilji. His ‘IDGAF’ attitude towards style is what attracts us the most, and even though he makes a few howlers, nobody can pull off things that Ranveer can.  What are the five things that every man should own in his personal wardrobe? “A solid pair of blue denim jeans, a black leather jacket and white-coloured basics, such as shirts and T-shirts,” he says


Farhan Akhtar





He might not have had a successful year as an actor, with Lucknow Central not faring well at the box-office. But we love Farhan for his style. Who are his favourite designeers and what brands does he like to own? “Shahab Durazi and Raghavendra Rathore. I also work a lot with Govinda Mehta and Arjun Bhasin. Internationally, I like Prada a lot, the clothes fit really well, even when they are just off the rack. 7 For All Mankind is really cool,” he says


Sushant Singh Rajput





Sushant Singh Rajput’s effortless charm, super-fit bod and an ability to play it safe when it comes to fashion are what attracts us to him. He also has an interesting view on failure, and even though he isn’t afraid of it, he thinks there is very little to learn from the experience. 


Shikhar Dhawan





Shikhar Dhawan was our cover star for this month. Not only does he bat stylishly, his famous moustache and his effortless confidence are what puts him on this list. 


Ayushmann Khurrana





Few actors can portray the hopes, feelings and aspirations of a typical Indian middle class man quite like Ayushmann Khurrana (probably Rajkumar Rao, but not many others). In terms of style too, Ayushmann Khurrana rarely puts a foot wrong. 


Rahul Khanna






Even though we think that Rahul Khanna needs to get a life and a career, you have to say the man is breath-takingly good-looking and incredibly stylish. 


Virat Kohli






He’s no superman, but Virat Kohli knows how to be everything at once. The Manyavar brand ambassador never looks bad, be it in an Indian jersey, a suit or a kurta. Just look at the way he turned up for his wedding, and you’ll know why he is one of the most stylish men around. 


Saif Ali Khan






As a Nawab, Saif’s extremely fluent when it comes to pulling off outfits. What’s his sense of personal style? “I like a style that balances frivolous opulence with the conservative undertones of people who work in banking. I like to experiment with both,” he says. Go figure. 


Varun Dhawan





Varun Dhawan is most probably the nation’s next superstar considering the rate at which he is giving hits. He hasn’t achieved Quality Immunity (QI) yet, which means that if he makes a bad film, it’ll tank despite his star status. In terms of style, Varun’s boyish charm works extremely well with ladies more so because he isn’t trying to be sexy, just funny. 


Tiger Shroff





Tiger’s got a huge fan following, and when you have a body as fit as him, carrying off outfits (especially vests) is a piece of cake. Also, he inherits a sense of swag from his father. No wonder Disha Patani (if rumors are true) has fallen for him. 

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