A Celebrity Approved Guide On How To Dress For Your Next Date

The only style tips you need on date dressing. Men, take note.

The weekend is finally upon us and with that being said what follows are the impending date night plans marked in the calendars. The idea of a date can sometimes be frightening especially if a lasting impression is what you’re hoping for. Isn’t that what love at first sight is made up of anyway? While your mannerisms are at your best its important you look the part too. 


Most men tend to underplay date night dressing and quite easily miss the mark. We aren’t hinting at being flashy about it either. One must know the setting and dress the part. If your next date is your local pub, a fancy restaurant or just a cozy movie night out, here are some celebrity-approved go-to looks to get it right. 

For a brunch date

A brunch date calls for a nice linen blazer with a cool pair of sneakers and a t-shirt to go with it. You can even opt for a blazer in dark hue and pair it up with denim jeans. Accessorise it with a watch and a pair of sunnies. 

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For drinks at the bar kinda date 


Drinks at your favorite local pub with a live band playing is the vibe you are going for. A setting like this calls for something that’s easy going but still makes your partner feel that you have put some thought while picking up clothes from your closet. Opt for a solid knitted sweater with blue denim like Ranbir Kapoor or elevate your basic t-shirt with a bomber jacket. 

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For a plush dinner date 


Extravagant dinner dates imply that you need to put on the A-game. Don’t confuse it with dressing up for a meeting. Go for a suit with a crisp shirt and dress shoes. You can even pair up your suit with a solid t-shirt and a pair of loafers. 

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For an activity day date


Your idea for a date is to go to a bowling alley or maybe for a round of laser tag? Activities are a fun idea to get to know the other person. Take the double denim route by layering up your t-shirt with a denim jacket. Finish off the look with white sneakers and you are date ready. 

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For a movie date 


Movies on your first date should ideally be avoided since you want to be able to talk to the person. However, if you are already two or more dates down and want to enjoy your Saturday night just watching a movie and munching on food, opt for a graphic sweatshirt with either chinos or denim and finish off the look with trainers. 

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