Crocs: Your Monsoon Footwear Favorite

Classic clogs start from INR 2,995 and Jibbibtz from INR 199

A sneak-peak into the international footwear brand’s easy-to-clean and lightweight collection, which promises both comfort and style this rainy season


Unlike summer, which we can all agree is often unbearable (thanks to the soaring temperatures and humidity), monsoon is a polarizing topic with contrasting opinions. While some enjoy the monsoon breeze with their steaming cup of tea, others find the damp weather off-putting. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, there is one thing that all of us have in common – an aversion to clogged, wet footwear.



Ensuring you never have to deal with that uncomfortable feeling of having your feet trapped in dampened footwear, Crocs is here with their easy-to-clean, super-lightweight and water-friendly range of footwear. Equipped with ventilation ports, Crocs comes backed with the CrosliteTM technology, ensuring your feet are dry and comfortable, ready for whatever curveball the wet monsoon roads may throw at you. 


Technical aspects aside, the collection promises you never have to compromise on style. Add some color to the gloomy season with an array of prints, silhouettes and hues. Available in different forms, from classic clogs to sandals to platform clogs and many more, the collection can be customized via Jibbitz charms. Available in fun, bright and curated designs, the Jibbitz charms can be plugged into your crocs, adding a whimsical twist to your monsoon ensemble. 



From kids to adults, this rainy season, make style and comfort your best buddy.


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Classic clogs start from INR 2,995 and Jibbibtz from INR 199

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