The Dad Sneakers Trend Is Everywhere: What’s The Hype All About?
The Dad Sneakers Trend Is Everywhere: What’s The Hype All About?

2018 is all about the rise of your dad’s favorite bulky shoes

Every once in a while, there comes a time when fads take over our wardrobes only to fade away in a jiffy. However, some of them do stick around for longer than expected and the next thing you know, everyone is wearing it. Sneakers have been subjected to the same. The last year or so, saw the rise of a rather strange looking sneaker gaining mass appeal. They were the thick-soled bulky shoes also referred to as dad sneakers.


The word ‘dad’ directly suggests that these sneakers have been resting in our dad’s closets for years. Apart from being our father’s favorite shoe, they also bring back a sense of nostalgia to every 90’s kid who once owned a pair. Sketchers have been making their own version of the dad sneakers for over 20 years. So, what makes us take note of it now considering they have been around since forever?

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The sneakers that were an instant hit among fashion’s elite were Balenciaga’s Triple S which first debuted at the Fall/Winter 2017 show. A shoe with three soles stacked one on top of each other was a major shift from the typical clean aesthetic shoe that people are used to seeing. The 36-year-old creative director, Demna Gvasalia described it as moving away from the idea of fashion being related to a fantasy. According to him, people didn’t aim for elegance anymore and he couldn’t be more right considering these sneakers sold out like hot cakes, making them the most talked about shoe to own. Maybe, the term ugly associated with it has something to do with it. Chunky soles can be a questionable fashion choice considering the number of things that have gained popularity in the name of avant-garde designs. But the answer to why the world can’t get enough of them still pertains.


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To trace it further back, Raf Simons X Adidas with Ozweego were the first in line to come out with sneakers that had a sports giant collaborate with a designer. What followed were a number of designers from Virgil Abloh to Riccardo Tisci bagging collaborations. In the most recent times, designer houses such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dior have all hopped on the bandwagon too. High fashion meeting street culture is the most relevant move in today’s time, a place where Balenciaga and Sketchers can both compete in the same space. 


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The love/hate relationship with these sneakers over time has only added to the curiosity creating an even greater buzz among the Instagram savvy generation. Be it a pair of denim, baggy trousers or a suit, these sneakers have been worn with anything and everything.  If your fashion sensibilities are making you want to try them out, scroll through the edit for the best in dad sneakers that are versatile and easy on the pocket too.


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