Dior's Pre-Fall'19 Menswear Show Takes A Deep Dive Into The Future
Dior’s Pre-Fall’19 Menswear Show Takes A Deep Dive Into The Future

Creative director Kim Jones takes a futuristic approach to fashion this season

For Dior’s first pre-fall menswear show in Tokyo, creative director Kim Jones presented a futuristic approach to fashion by seamlessly incorporating elements of the past. If you know a fair deal about the man, you know that Jones, since his appointment to Dior, has looked back at the brand’s archives to shape up his upcoming collections. The show held in Tokyo this week saw Jones pay ode to the legendary Mr Dior and his travels to the country in the 1950s. One also witnesses cherry blossom and leopard prints from the past, and Dior’s favourite Houndstooth fabric that has been used extensively before. 


All these elements fused into a more hypermodern reality is what shapes up the collection. The futuristic pieces are in collaboration with Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama who’s works have been displayed on various silhouettes and has also created a massive 12-meter installation of a feminine robotic figure that is placed at the centre of the entire show.

On collaborating with artists, Jones stated, “I’m working with artists because Christian Dior was a gallerist before he was a couturier. He worked with the leading artists of his time, like Salvador Dali and Picasso, so I looked to what the modern generation’s take on that would be, hence starting with KAWS and now Hajime Sorayama.” 




As for the collection itself, the Dior man does not fit into a stereotype. From well-tailored suits to silk shirts, shiny bomber jackets, shirts with sheer floral detailing, logo sweatshirts and puffer jackets, there is something for anyone looking to dress their way. Traditional techniques too have been mixed with advanced technologies: metallic-printed calfskin was laser-etched on to bomber jackets, while blazers were treated with metallisation. 

Dior Pre-Fall 2019
Dior Pre-Fall 2019
Dior Pre-Fall 2019

The accessories for the show need a special mention courtesy Yoon Ambush, Dior’s men jewellery director. The infamous saddle bag is reinterpreted with a metallic exterior and logo designed by Sorayama, robo rings resemble movements of a robot’s hand, screws as arm bracelets, metallic baseball caps, dinosaur keychains and the revamped logo earrings – all speak to the collection’s language.   

Lastly, the FROW had everyone from David Beckham, Bella Hadid, ASAP Rocky, Diplo and Kate Moss. Scroll through for pictures. 


Image Courtesy: Brett Lloyd


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