Expert Advice To Help Ace Your Athleisure Game

Designers Shyma Shetty and Pranav Kirti Mishra decode the trend and how to wear it

This month, designers Shyma Shetty and Pranav Kirti Mishra of Huemn decode the athleisure trend and how to wear it





‘Athleisure’ seems to be 
a huge buzzword in the fashion circle, but it’s used very loosely. Could you pinpoint what it actually means?


Shyma: Athleisure is a hybrid of fashionable staples with fabric, detail and silhouettes that were meant traditionally for exercise. This adds an element of effortless comfort to daily-wear looks that can be dressy enough to take you through multiple social events.


Pranav: The blend between street, fashion and sports was long due, and it’s only finding its place more now because of the increased awareness in people about fitness. There are technical fabrics that control your odour when you sweat, fabrics that make you feel cool and so on. Considering the long hours that the youth is putting today at work, they require garments to be more technically sound, visually cool and comfortable.



Luxury streetwear has gained acceptance in more formal settings too. Do you agree?


Shyma: Rules are not fun, and are meant to be broken. Fashion today celebrates the individual and your sartorial choices can be absolutely fearless and long as you’re convinced. Doing something traditionally ‘unacceptable’ has always been what sets the trend for tomorrow.



What are the key pieces to invest in, which can be mixed and matched to create trendy athleisure looks?


Shyma: Pick unique separates in engineered fabrics.
They could be embellished sweatshirts, track pants
and parkas in luxe fabrics, sneakers that scream your personality, a great raincoat, basic white T-shirts and all the cool denim available in the market now. Style them with luxury separates and you’re set.



Which high street brands and designers – in India and internationally – are creating interesting clothing and accessories in the athleisure space?


Pranav: Gosha Rubchinskiy, Off-White, Balenciaga and Reebok are a few such names. Even brands like Valentino now have sections of clothing focussing on athleisure.




When it comes to sports and gym wear, what are
the points to keep in mind while picking styles that are appropriate for you?


Pranav: Fabrics and fit are very important. Go for anti-odour fabrics and sweat control fabrics that help in keeping you dry during extensive workout.


Shyma: Being uncomfortable in what you are wearing is inexcusable, because athletic clothing is meant for comfort. Make sure that your outfit helps you perform to your best ability.


Which celebrities, according to you, have aced the athleisure trend?


Pranav: Virgil Abloh, Kanye West and Jaden Smith are a few names that come to my mind.



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