Experts advice on style
Experts advice on style

Style experts answer questions on every day wardrobe conundrums

What is the current trend in ties? I see some people wearing extremely slim ties while many others are still wearing their old broad ties. Also, when wearing slim ties, what is the rule to follow? And finally where should the bottom of the tie end — should it touch the belt, or fall just above the belt or should it drag along the belt?


The narrow tie saw a meteoric rise in the ’60s, when men’s fashion was all about minimalism. With the recent focus on ‘less is more’, these ties are making a comeback. For those who like experimenting with their party or cocktail looks, the skinny tie can be a great investment. Having said that, some of us traditionalists like to work the broad classic tie. The key is to remember proportions, wear a width that you feel comfortable with. Don’t adapt a trend that makes you feel out of place. Skinny ties are best for slimmer suits with narrow lapels. Also, it is of paramount importance that you don’t over accessorize this look. Keep the wristwatch sleek and cuff links smaller in size. It is my personal observation that skinny ties look better on men with a slim body type as opposed to someone on the heavier side. Also, contrary to popular belief, they are not a replacement for broad ties when it comes to official and formal occasions. Having said that, to each his own. However, I think it’s best that the tie should reach the belt buckle or the waistband of the trousers. Any longer and it would be coming in your way.


– Nikhil Mehra, COO, Satya Paul



I am of medium height and have been wearing straight leg trousers till now. But I see that trouser legs are getting skinny by the day. Should I experiment with one?


There are fabrics and styles that best complement different body types. For a man of medium height it is necessary to follow some fashion guidelines that add to his personality and appearance. To begin with, it is necessary to choose just the right fabric. Look for lightweight and medium weight fabrics because heavy fabrics will weigh you down and make you look short and bulky. Keep your trouser length slightly long so that the crease reaches the top of your shoes. Also it should fall straight from the knee to the ankle. Not all styles look good on every body type, so you’ve been doing it right thus far. The straight fit is what will best suit your body type and it will be a good idea not to experiment with the skinny bottoms keeping your height in mind. Your bottoms should not be flared or sticking in but it should be right in the middle, which makes the body look lean and tall. It is also important to ensure that the pants are perfectly tailored to create structure. Vertical stripes extend the bodyline and make you look taller. Trousers and jeans should rest on your natural waist, not too high or too low, as both extremes will make your legs look shorter. So dress according to what suits you, and most importantly, be confident.


– Mayyur Girotra, designer





Should loafers be worn with or without socks? In fact is it ok to wear shoes without socks when wearing a jacket or suit because I see that quite often in fashion runway photographs?


It really just depends on the occasion you are dressing for. Loafers without socks tend to be perfectly acceptable in a casual, laid back setting. This trend may even work in a social setting where the vibe is more comfortable and easy. However, for a more formal setting, like a business meeting or a black-tie event, it would be advisable to pair your loafers with a pair of socks to finish your look with sophisticated appeal. When you wear your loafers without socks, you are essentially dressing down and projecting a more casual appeal. So if you are wearing a jacket or a suit to an occasion that is not necessarily formal enough to demand the same, going sock less adds the ideal dose of subtle casualness to your ensemble. Apart from the occasion, the style of the loafer can also influence whether you choose to pair the same with socks or not. If your loafer is more formal, sleek and in leather, it would traditionally pair well with socks. On the other hand, if you have picked a suede pair in an unconventional colour, the unsaid vibe is already more casual and relaxed, appropriately drawing you to the sock less trend.


– Dhiraj Bathija, CEO of Heel & Buckle India Pvt. Ltd

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