Farhan Akhtar is not a stylish man
Farhan Akhtar is not a stylish man

Or at least that’s what he thinks. We think otherwise. And does he not look slick as ever in Dil Dhadakne Do?

“I think because Dil Chahta Hai created such a style statement, everyone thought that I must be very stylish. But, it’s not true. I have a basic sense of style. I keep falling back to my go-to answer, which is really about being who you are and being comfortable with it.” – Says the man who can do no wrong. When have you seen Farhan Akhtar not be dapper? Even when he is stepping on stage to rock on, even at his casual best, Akhtar is a style maven. And in his latest film, DDD, he is at his suave best.


Here are some snippets from our conversation:


“I don’t feel the need to subscribe to fashion of the year or the season. I dress and purchase by instinct. The clothes that you wear have to be an extension of your personality.” When he sees me looking a tad surprised, Akhtar laughs and shrugs. “It’s a very bad answer, but, that’s all I have.”


“I do like Prada. They make some amazing shoes for men. And, I love their shades. Apart from that, in terms of shopping brands, I don’t have any preferences. But, I love gadgets. I would definitely go to an Apple store, no matter what else I shopped. Similarly, I would visit a Prada store. And, pick up anything that seems interesting on the window display.” A Prada man, eh?


“Among Indian stylists, I like Narendra Kumar very much. I like — I keep forgetting his name — he’s made me an amazing sherwani. Who makes beautiful sherwanis? I feel terrible not remembering. He recently made one for me and I love it. That’s how clued in I am to the fashion scene, as you can tell. And Shahab Durazi. His cut for the Indian look, I think, is amazing. I like Arjun Bhasin very much. Govinda Mehta is again someone I worked with who’s very good. He taught me the importance of silhouettes.”


“I’m usually in jeans or pants and a t-shirt. Things those are comfortable every day. Even when I have to dress up, I would probably be in a suit, as opposed to Indian clothes. But, over the years, I’ve started discovering a new love for them. Which is why, I spoke to Shahab as well. Maybe, that’s some kind of maturity that’s kicking in.”


Want to know more about Akhtar’s style secrets? Here are some really surprising ones.

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