Fashion forward
Fashion forward

Zarir Warden of The Other People talks about being stylish on stage


Wardrobe favourite


Funky Sneakers



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Calvin Klein, FCUK and Zara



“Every musician has to have his own identity, which relates to the kind of music he brings to the audience” says Zarir Warden, one of the six members of the band The Other People (TOP).


With over a decade of professional performances under their belt, this pop/rock outfit is finally receiving its due now. Playing a varied range of popular covers and originals, the band has been making waves at clubs, concerts and private events across the country.


Zarir has been a part of the band for the last few years, and is known to look as sharp as he sounds. He has not only won accolades for being the youngest member of the band, but has also earned a fan following (read female attention) for his uber- stylish look.


Here, he talks about everything that a budding musician needs to know about style before they face a mike on stage.


Comfort or Style?


Comfort kind of takes a back seat. It’s your job to be on stage and entertain people, and you should look good while you are doing it. There is also some kind of identity that you need to build. Most musicians, including us, turn to wearing a tee and jeans with, at the most, a jacket or a fedora. But we (The Other People) are going through a process where we are working on our look, and we are trying to build an identity.


Things to remember when you are dressing for a gig


Dressing depends on many factors, such as the kind of shows you are doing and the venue of the gig. If we are doing a wedding party, we have to be in suits. If it’s an acoustic gig where the ambience is casual, then it’s mostly t-shirt and denims. Sometimes it’s really hot on a stage, if it’s in a crowded place, so we need to dress accordingly. But yes, the priority is to look the part when you are on stage, even if you are wearing casuals.


There has to be something that’s separating the


band members from the crowd.


The Zarir Warden rule of style


How I dress for a gig depends on how I am feeling on that particular day. It’s normally a well fitted shirt with skinny jeans. I love funky sneakers. Sometimes I even go on stage in a vest or a ganji.


Most stylish musician


Adam Levine. I don’t think he is exceptionally good looking or wears anything that sets him apart, but it’s the identity; the tattoos, the hair and the shirt that is buttoned all the way up to the top. That is a super cool look, according to me. It’s a simple look, but that’s how musicians need to be.


Style advice to other musicians


I don’t think musicians should go on stage in shorts. I am not saying go out of your way and take the trouble to dress up. But, since you are in front of so many people, you should at least look presentable. Shorts, sandals, chappals or an old, worn t-shirt do not look good at all.



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