Spring/Summer 2024: Menswear Trends To Keep An Eye Out For Spring/Summer 2024: Menswear Trends To Keep An Eye Out For
Spring/Summer 2024: Menswear Trends To Keep An Eye Out For

Stay on top of your fashion game this summer

While we’re relishing our chilly days (although not so much for us Mumbaikars) and preparing to bid farewell to the incredible year that was 2023, fashion enthusiasts like myself are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to refresh our wardrobes for 2024. I don’t intend to dampen your spirits by shifting focus to summer, but the world of fashion can be competitive. Hence, I’m offering you all a sneak peek into the major trends that will dominate the scene come summer. Just putting it out there, folks—enjoy your winters!





 Khaki is the standout trend for Men’s SS2024, as seen on runways from Fendi, Dior, Loewe, Givenchy, and LV. This earthy hue has shed its old image, emerging as the must-have shade for the modern man. Picture sleek silhouettes, utility-inspired ensembles, and safari-chic looks that seamlessly blend adventure and sophistication. Whether you’re a city dweller or a jet-setter, khaki is your passport to a trendy SS2024.





Denim emerges as the hero for both fashion enthusiasts and the industry in SS2024. In an unexpected twist, Valentino unveils a sophisticated tailored denim overcoat, LV rocks a coordinated set, and Kenzo embraces casual cool with a denim hoodie. Overall, denim steals the spotlight in the major style narratives of SS2024.


Animal Prints



Fondly reminiscing about the animal print craze of 2017-18, I’m thrilled to see its triumphant return, now in a more refined avatar. This time, it’s not a wild print bonanza; instead, we’re adopting it with sartorial finesse, taking cues from YSL’s SS2024 collection. Dior, too, joins the party, effortlessly pairing animal prints with shorts and tank tops. It’s a sophisticated revival, proving that animal print is here to stay—chic, bold, and more stylish than ever.





This season, designers thought of infusing a touch of sparkle into everyday style, turning mundane into magnificent. From runway extravaganzas to streetwear glam, glitter takes centre stage. Alyx, Amiri, Balmain, Dries Van Noten, Missoni, Loewe and more, the runway was dazzling and so will our streets.


Tank Top



Consider your hard work in the gym a stylish investment, as showcasing those well-earned muscles is the latest fashion statement. So, lazy guys like me, dust off that gym membership, hit the weights, and lift your style game to new heights. The trend is clear: muscles on display are in, and it’s time to own it.

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