Fashion's Most Daring Moments Of 2023
Fashion’s Most Daring Moments Of 2023

Where fashion said, ‘hold my handbag’ and went wild

In 2023, the unexpected became the norm. It was a year defined by a bold expression, spanning from fashion to movies, where extravagance took centre stage. The Met Gala set the tone with memorable moments, including Jared Leto donning a feline ensemble and Bad Bunny’s back stealing the spotlight. Witnessing a surreal vision of a Barbie town and Balenciaga breaking records with possibly the most luxurious towels added to the spectacle. Let’s revisit some of the most outrageous fashion moments that defined the audacious spirit of 2023.


1 Million Speedy Bag



Owning an LV bag is the dream of every fashionista, but it’s not easily attainable. LV decided to take it up a notch with a bag that left us in awe: Pharrell’s $1 Million Speedy bag. Crafted from exquisite crocodile leather, the bag boasts a vibrant yellow hue adorned with the iconic LV monogram. The shoulder straps and handle are crafted from gold, while the pendant is encrusted with dazzling diamonds, adding an unparalleled touch of luxury. Can someone loan us a million dollars?


A Fleet of New Creative Directors



From LV to Gucci, Burberry to Givenchy, major fashion houses opted for a change in leadership. These brands aim to rejuvenate post-pandemic and redefine their brand strategy, marking a shift unlike anything we’ve seen before. A particularly noteworthy move was the appointment of Pharrell Williams as LV’s new creative director, causing a stir in the fashion world.


Balenciaga Passport Wallet


Image credit: Balenciaga Instagram


Balenciaga, renowned for its departure from traditional norms, presented an unconventional spectacle during Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2024. The show, featuring Demna’s close circle, mirrored his distinctive world and celebrated the diverse identities within his community. One standout piece from the collection, a wallet resembling a passport, has captivated the internet, with netizens deeming it a must-have for avid travellers.


Schiaparelli Animal Head


Image credit: Kylie Jenner’s Instagram




The viral style moments of 2023 carried an animalistic vibe and we are not talking about the movie here. The year kicked off with a bold move from Schiaparelli, with Kylie Jenner wearing a dress with a life-like head of a Lion at Paris Couture Week. Despite being meticulously crafted from materials such as foam and resin, the brand faced criticism, with some accusing it of glamorizing trophy hunting.


Astro Boots


Image Credit: MISCHF


We find ourselves in the prime era for sneaker enthusiasts, with an abundance of impressive designs. However, some creations are specifically crafted to astonish. MSCHF recently revealed its newest masterpiece—the “Big Red Boot,” which quickly became a viral sensation on social media. Priced at $350 and launched on February 16, these oversized, whimsical boots draw inspiration from characters like Mega Man or Astro Boy, perfectly suited for a “cool 3D world.” Overnight, they gained widespread attention, with celebrities like Maluma endorsing these colossal boots.


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