Find Out What Your Socks Say About You
Find Out What Your Socks Say About You

Understated pieces in our wardrobe speak the loudest.

If we go by the notion of we are what we wear, then our wardrobe is a doorway to our personality. A humble stable seeking spotlight today is socks. They too give a peek into our varied moods and phases of life. This menswear season saw designers take a spin on this staple making them the hero around which your wardrobe should be built. In order to get a clear perspective on this, we have listed down what your socks might have to say about you. 


The Old Fashioned Gentlemen

Your belief in classics is a strong one. You also have a strong sense of confidence in what you wear and despise anything flashy or trendy. Your go-to colour palette varies from navy to greys and black. Utility and versatility are both important to you. Be it a dinner party or a day at work, your sensibilities always stick with the basics and one can’t really go wrong with that.

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The Sturdy Athlete 


This category is for the adventure-seeking enthusiasts who are always on a go. Your weekend getaway would probably include a mountain trek with friends or an activity that helps you connect with nature. Comfort tops the list. You are likely to pair them up with your trainers or just casual sneakers with a pair of denim. 

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The Wise Opulent 


When looking for socks, rich fabrics that are durable is what catches your eye. The luxuriousness of a wool and cashmere blend is what you seek. You aren’t afraid to spend a little more on the most underrated part of your closet. From decorative lapel pins to pocket squares, your eye to detail is what separates you from the ordinary. Your wardrobe staples would most definitely have well-fitted trousers, oxford shoes and crisp shirts in varied hues. 

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The Modish Man


Keeping a tab on the latest trends is habitual to a guy in this category. Known for being standout-ish you definitely make a statement with your socks. From graphic prints, mismatched pair to eye-catchy colours, you have worn it all. Your exuberant personality has a lot to do with that too. You are probably the first ones to get your hands on the quirky launches and are not afraid to show it off. These socks scream a sense of style that’s truly yours.   

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