Five Sneaker Collaborations We Never Expected To Happen
Five Sneaker Collaborations We Never Expected To Happen

Almost every big shoe brand, has a one of a kind collaboration, with a franchise you never would have thought of

Sneaker collaborations happen throughout the year, with brands trying to offer their most unique sneaker, made along with a designer. Virgil Abloh took 2018 by storm with his Nike classic sneaker reincarnations, while Kanye West and Adidas blessed the world with a bunch of Yeezy shoes that always sold out within minutes. But these collabs, were expected. But there have been tie ups in the past, between a shoe maker and a franchise, that no one could have ever imagined. Here, we take a look at five such collaborations, that was never expected to happen:


Vans x NASA


Yes. It is a collaboration between the skater brand Vans, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. There are multiple designs in the skater high tops, as well as low. It comes with a lot of patches of the US flag and the NASA logo, but still maintains to remain uncrowded. One could say, that this collaboration is out of this world (pun intended).




Versace x Apple


Apple had special sneakers for their employees in the early 90s, and the sneaker in the picture posted by Versace’s head sneaker designer, Salehe Bembury, looked way too similar to the 90s Apple ones. Versace’s shoe also had the same multicoloured accents that were a distinguishing feature of the shoes released in the 90’s. Salehe’s caption, “a wise man once said nothing at all,” just left everyone even more curious.




Puma x Sega


Puma and gaming legends Sega, joined forces to bring out a brand-new colourway for the RS-O. They released two versions, inspired by Sega’s most popular character, Sonic. The shoe features blue suede and checkered out-sole.


Gucci also paid ode to Sega by releasing the Rython with the Gucci logo printed in Sega’s style.




Coca Cola x Converse x Kith


Coca Cola partnered with Converse and Kith last year, to give us a denim cloth Chuck Taylor sneaker, that everyone loved. It quickly became a must-have in every sneaker-head’s wardrobe. The shoe comes with the Coca Cola logo stitched along the shoe, and it was done in four different languages. – English, French, Russian and Chinese.




Xbox x Nike Air Jordan


At this year’s E3, Microsoft revealed the Xbox themed Air Jordan 1. The shoe is built with premium quality suede and the sole glows in the dark, to truly give you a taste of what Xbox has on an iconic sneaker like the Air Jordan. The sneaker however, was unfortunately, was a “Friends and Family” joint, which means you’ll most probably see this worn by Microsoft executives, and a few select celebrities.



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