“Footwear is very important to me…”
“Footwear is very important to me…”

Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo became a fashion entrepreneur recently with the launch of his CR7 footwear collection

How would you describe your personal style. What is Cristiano Ronaldo most comfortable in?


I like great quality clothes and footwear, I like colours, but I don’t have any particular style.


Tell us a little about your idea behind the CR7 Footwear brand. What was the motivation behind launching it?


Footwear is something that’s very important to me. To have the right comfort, the right fit and the right look. Of course I have the right footwear for on the pitch, so I wanted to create something special for off the pitch. As the CR7 brand is evolving, we are introducing more fashion products to the collection and footwear seemed like the natural next step.


How did the idea behind CR7 come about?


I am interested in fashion and had worked on campaigns for some fashion brands. I thought it was a good time to launch my own. We started with underwear, then shirts and now footwear. The idea is that the collections provide all of the essential basics in any man’s wardrobe.


How involved are you with the brand, and what are your plans for CR7 going forward?


It’s my own brand so of course I am very involved. I work closely with each team. I like the best quality materials, premium craftsmanship and to ensure that the collections are accessible to people around the world. It’s amazing to see our ideas come to life and I like to learn about all of the different processes and everything that goes into creating these products. For the future, I plan to continue to evolve the brand and keep creating great products.


Is there a reason why you want to go online in India with the CR7 collection?


I would like the product to be available around the world. We wanted to create a collection that would appeal to every man – something for everyone and for every occasion. Having the brand available online makes sure that people can access the products, which is really important to me.


What advice do you have for young athletes who are choosing a career in football?


To be dedicated, passionate and hard working. If it is what you want, you need to really focus and be determined. If it is what you love, you will enjoy all of the hard work.


Any plans of an India trip? You’ll be surprised to see the kind of fan following you have here.


Of course I would like to come, so you never know.

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