Grooming must-haves
Grooming must-haves

Want to look your sharpest best? Here are (just) five products that you need in your life right now


Clinique’s Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is one innovation that will instantly transform your skin. The brush is designed to give you the cleanest, healthiest and smoothest skin with a radiant complexion. Yes, too many superlatives, but we mean every word.



Forrest Essential’s new range of products for men from ‘The Gentleman’s Code’ line have a blend of nature’s finest ingredients and blends based on authentic Ayurveda.


Forrest Essential’s Sandalwood and Orange Peel Shaving Cream for men



Forrest Essential’s Sandalwood and Orange Peel Facial Moisturiser



Fiama Di Will’s Men’s Gel Bar are meant to condition a man’s tough skin, keeping it firm, clear and youthful



A deodorant/perfume/body spray is extremely essential to beat the summer heat if you don’t want to end up stinking up your workplace. Nivea’s  Fresh Active Spray for Men is good enough for you to keep in your bag all day.

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