A Guide To Wearing Sneakers This Season
A Guide To Wearing Sneakers This Season

While statement prints and linens are ruling this season in fashion, understated sneakers are the perfect ending to being your fashionable best this summer

Sneakers have definitely proven to be the most versatile footwear trend in the recent years, thanks to the rise of athleisure as the most important fashion statement and trend of the decade. But what has been interesting is to note the journey of sneakers from being a sporting good to an OTT accessory and then finally becoming an understated casual wear element that can be worn with garments across the aisle. Here are a couple of trend pointers and style guides to keep you on top of your sneaker game this season.


Single colour dressing is big this season – a sort of maximized version of colour blocking, wearing one colour head to toe is a big hit. So, whether you wear dark shades or are pastel-loving, match your sneakers with your outfit for that extra dose of quirky.


Pastel lovers, rejoice! Pastel sneakers are hot this season because of their ability to be classy, modern and fun. From casual wear, meetings, work lunches to dinner dates, pastel sneakers will be your best friend.


WESTSIDE’s sneaker collection is definitely what you should grab not just because they are high on style but also for the level of comfort and ease. Flexible and breathable knitted uppers and moulded insole padding ensure around the clock functionality.


Because of its versatility, sneakers make for the perfect companion across clothing segments. From summer casuals, high fashion to athleisure apparel, you can wear these sneakers with everything.


Clean minimalistic designs and simple silhouettes with colour highlights floating from the back to the bottom outsole, WESTSIDE’s sneaker collection is ideal for every day wear and is definitely the must-have this summer.



Sneakers by Soleplay, available exclusively at Westside

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