Happy Feet
Happy Feet

Here are some stylish alternatives to dress your feet down in the heat

If you are like every other man, your footwear choices are dictated by your occupation. But with the temperatures rising, it’s time to throw the rules out of the window and experiment with your style statement.


Summer dressing generally means going pastel with your wardrobe palette and playing around with prints. Why not do the same with your shoes? Ditch those boring blacks and browns and get playful with your footwear. Mix sneakers with your formal wear (yes, it is possible). Wear printed shoes with a pair of khaki shorts. Team up grey suede shoes with a black and white pinstriped suit. Wear a pair of bright blue loafers with an all-white ensemble while on a holiday. Still trying to figure out how to break rules? Don’t worry. Here are some gorgeous summer kicks that you should be styling your outfits with.


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