"I'm A Very Moody Dresser", Harshvardhan Kapoor Gets Candid
“I’m A Very Moody Dresser”, Harshvardhan Kapoor Gets Candid

The actor talks about his style staples and much more

We caught up with the actor at the recent Hugo Boss Spring/Summer’19 launch to talk about his style staples, a song he listens to on loop and more. 





Your thoughts on the new Hugo Boss collection and what you are wearing today?


 I really like what I’m wearing. Right from the comfort of the tracksuit, I really like fact that it is minimal but has this bolt neon colour passing through it. It’s really cool that Hugo Boss, a brand that has such a strong image is moving towards athleisure now. They are staying true to what they have been doing for so long and are also trying to step foot in a new direction because athleisure is the present and the future of fashion.




How do you define your personal style?


My style is very specific to me. I really enjoy streetwear and anybody who follows me on social media can easily tell. I really like athleisure because I feel it’s a more practical, comfortable way to dress on a daily basis. But I’m also a bit strange in a way that I like both ends of the spectrum. So I love my suits. I’m a very moody dresser when it comes to clothes. Lately, it’s getting so hot out so I have been wearing a lot of shorts. I’m also really into oversized t-shirts right now.




Name the 3 must-haves in every man’s wardrobe?


For me, it would be a white and a black oversized t-shirt but still fits you well in a way. The material should be comfortable and you should be able to live in it. A nice pair of shorts and a pair of extremely affordable shoes that look great. 




What are the menswear trends that should die according to you?


Socks with slippers and big buckled belts is something I don’t like. Also, one should always dress to their built. 




What’s the one song on loop in your workout playlist?


Don’t pullaway by J.Views




And lastly, beard, stubble, clean shaven?


Beard because when you are clean shaven it’s a full time job to maintain it. 





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