Here's How Ranveer Singh Maintains His Hair And Beard
Here’s How Ranveer Singh Maintains His Hair And Beard

Want to get hair like Ranveer Singh? Here’s how

Darshan Yewalekar, the Director of D Shave Barbershop is known in the Hindi film industry as actor Ranveer Singh’s personal hairstylist. Singh’s hairstyles are as versatile as his film choices and as flexible as his persona. The actor has sported different looks in all his films, from the luscious locks in Padmaavat to the short hair in Simmba.


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In an exclusive conversation with MW, Yewalekar tells us all about the actor’s hair routine and what goes into styling a celebrity’s hair.


On how Ranveer Singh manages to keep his hair healthy and strong:

“Ranveer is blessed with thick and luscious hair. Due to his busy lifestyle and constant activities, his hair routine changes depending on what we are working on – be it films, appearances, shoots, ad films etc. However, no matter how busy the schedule, we always try and schedule a hair spa. The hair spa helps to keep the hair healthy and nourished.”

On working on Ranveer Singh’s hair for his movies like Padmaavat:

“While working on Ranveer’s hair for his movies, the process starts with designing the correct ‘look’ for the character that he is playing. We work closely with Ranveer as well as the director until the perfect look is agreed upon. The next step is to identify the ideal products that will help achieve the said look. For example in the case of the movie Padmaavat, Ranveer had mid-neck length hair.”

Ranveer Singh in Padmaavat

“This required us to prep his hair with a particular grade of hair mousse to achieve natural curls which in turn became the platform for long hair extensions that were attached later to achieve the final look. Such heavy use of products also requires attention to aftercare to ensure long term health of the hair. This was achieved by an effective hair washing and leave in conditioners at the end of every day.”

Ranveer Singh in Simmba

On caring for his moustache and beard:

“Ranveer’s look for promotional appearances and ads are mostly theme and style driven. His beard is shampooed with beard specific shampoo products which keep the skin beneath healthy. His iconic moustache has its own routine which has now become a ritual and is achieved by using a combination of gels to mould and shape it in place.”

Ranveer Singh in Gully Boy

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