The Trainer As A Lifestyle Accessory
The Trainer As A Lifestyle Accessory

There used to be a time when the idea of wearing trainers to an awards function was considered beyond taboo. It was simply tacky. Not anymore.

Year after year now, trend after trend, one definitive shift has happened in men’s fashion. Sports and fashion have found a way to collide, and now successfully coexist on runways and ball courts. From sneaker giants like Nike and adidas to fashion powerhouses like Gucci and Prada, trainers have become a mainstay. Perhaps as a sign of how far design houses have gone, Lanvin recently launched the Diving Trainer, a seamless sneak molded together by heat with custom rubber soles and silkscreen prints on the uppers. If trainers ever were to jump the shark – this would be their moment


But the reality is, creativity is flourishing. Trainers are no longer a mall sneaker store purchase; nor are they limited to a tight budget.


So how did we get here? In the 60s, SeaVees became one of the pioneers of the fashion trainer scene. With an athletic sneaker base but with a classic slip-on top, trainers got introduced as a trendy and comfortable alternative. It’s no surprise that the company hailed from sunny California, where men spent much time outdoors, moving around and in need of a way to look casual but appear sharply dressed. But the style remained localized, catching on a bit with Hollywood, but not resonating on a large scale. As athleticism became a more celebrity-turning career path, brands took notice. 



Converse had always been known as the go-to basketball shoe of the time, with the Chuck Taylor All Stars being worn in the 60s by more than 90% of players. Yet, what defined a sport within the span of two decades, soon became extinct because of improved athletic footwear and competition.





So as athletes themselves became launch pads for new and improved technology to further improve their game, the coolness factor behind their gear became a way for others to define a whole different style. Artists and musicians literally kept Converse alive and relevant, with the All-Star moving from the courts to the concert stage.


Taking note of this, every athletic company started to offer not just trainers for performance, but for style too. All of a sudden, aesthetics mattered as much as quality and ability of the shoe.


From khaki and pink lace-up trainers by Jil Sander to Vans-like leather Gucci monogrammed slip-ons and black leather running shoes from Prada, my foray into the luxury trainer world happened about 12 years ago. For me, living in New York City, traveling and walking around, I needed comfort, but I also always wanted to make a statement. But I had limited choices and fashion houses were just starting to create in-house rather than the occasional collaborations they previously had relegated trainers to before then.



As musicians went to Hollywood, sports became entertainment and fashion became their breeding ground. So it was no surprise when trainers began to become an important part of men’s fashion culture. In the age of paparazzi, TMZ and social media, every kind of look carries weight, a sales opportunity and the chance to see a fashion trend. It’s no small ‘feet’ then that we’re now inundated with every style of trainers.


In a sign of how far we’ve come, SeaVees was actually revived recently, and they’ve updated their style to fit the needs of the modern man.


So as you’re contemplating dressing up or down your trainers, remember that there’s no longer any wrong place to wear them – be it at a wedding, the office or for playing around. Of course, making a statement and wearing them with confidence is key.






Pair your trainers with some well-fitted jeans and a T-shirt for a relaxed style that is both casual and convenient


If you want to dress it up a bit, clean up your trainers, put on a nicely ironed button-down shirt and some chinos


Going formal but want to be comfy? Yes, trainers and suits can work. Of course, make sure they are fresh and clean



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