How To Get It Right With Pink
How To Get It Right With Pink

Barbie has just painted the world in soft hues of rosé and Ken-mania is all over the place. Regardless of the fact that men in recent decades have discarded the colour for not being `masculine’ enough, pink has always been powerful; a shade to be taken seriously, especially when you want to have some fun

First, dispel the myth that the world doesn’t take people in pink seriously. The artist with some of the most poignant pop songs of our times literally goes by the name Pink! Even the Barbie movie was more of a grazing menu of philosophical conundrums – from teleology to existentialism – and all this gravity came packaged in the pinkest of pinks. So, let’s instead focus on how to pink right, starting from least to most apparent. 


Socks: This is the most there-not-there part of your wardrobe so you can afford to play a little here. In case you are still wearing trousers that struggle to reach your ankles, then pink socks will never be your most disastrous sartorial decision; get yourself a proper pair of trousers first.  


Accoutrements: Kerchiefs, cravats, pocket squares, cufflinks, laces; there are many ways to punctuate yourself with pink, subtle yet conspicuous, sort of a mid-way marker to ease yourself into the colour category. A pink hat or snapback is also an option, but it makes you look like a struggling starlet who dances in the background of popular videos and might, one day, briefly liaise with some superstar. Belts is another article I don’t advocate in pink because belts should always colour-block with more definite dignity; a more contrasted shade than the rest of your clothing so red is always better here. 


Shirts: Nothing says, “I mean business” like a crisp pink shirt with sharp cutaway collars and French cuffs. It’s lethal yet attractive, like a Trojan horse; they’ll never see it coming. Kill them with charm and sass, have it all your way and then, still walk away looking like they begged you to do it to them. For that’s the power of pink! 


Shorts/Pants: This requires some commitment, definitely more than shirts. For one, you can hide a shirt behind a jacket if you feel like it but trousers or shorts, are, ironically, the most naked form of pink to wear. It’s out there, showing that you have committed not just to the shade but to what it represents – a “weekend in the middle of the week” mindset; that “I’ll own a yacht before I buy my first car” look. It shrieks self-confidence, the kind that is polarising for others even before you have walked into the room.  


Suit: Now this here is so far-out pink that the line of no return is a speck in the distance on the horizon. No worries, you made the journey here at your own pace, so you know where you are, and you deserve to be here. The only discretion a pink suit requires is not wearing it to a funeral; unless of course it is Elton John’s or Lil Nas X’s. A pink suit is a power statement; one that not only says you have arrived, but that you have been there alone for so long that you are now used to all the solitude. 

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