Indulge In Luxury With Linen This Summer
Indulge In Luxury With Linen This Summer

Linen Club’s range of fabrics and garments is just what you need to beat the heat and stay super stylish, this summer

Linen is a truly unique fabric, with qualities that are not found in any other material. It’s moisture-absorbent, breathable, lightweight and has a unique texture that stands out, making it a must in any man’s wardrobe. After all, the heritage of this material goes back thousands of years, when it was celebrated as the attire of royalty.









Today, with the arrival of summer comes the need to slip into comfortable and breathable fabrics – and linen is the perfect choice to get you through the day. The exceptional coolness offered by linen makes it the choice for hot and humid weather. Working men are now endeavouring to dress in something exclusive, discerning and relaxed, which is why Linen Club, the largest linen fabric brand in India, is the perfect destination, providing these men with diverse alternatives to choose from.







Sourced from Europe, perfected in state-of-the-art factories in India, with each yard inspected by a master craftsman, Linen Club’s fabrics and shirts have a whole new range of colours, patterns and designs, with comfort, style, and luxury in every weave. The high-quality linen fabrics give the wearer unmatched ease and flexibility – something every man looks for, no matter what the occasion. Be it meetings, brunches, candlelit dinners or a day out under the sun, the perfect summer linen is versatile enough to help you slip easily into any role. With lightweight linen, rest assured that the fabric will keep you going, helping you beat the heat with its unmatched comfort and flexibility, and giving you effortless style as well.








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