Jaquet Droz: Building A New World of Wonder
Jaquet Droz: Building A New World of Wonder

With the new Dragon Automaton, Jaquet Droz takes personalisation to new heights

While many might not know the name John Howe, many of us are familiar with his universe and designs. The artistic designer for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Howe is a fantasy prodigy who has lived in Neuchâtel for 30 years. With his fantastic work in the latest The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, Howe has proven his ability to astonish, amaze, and move.


Swiss watch brand Jaquet Droz and Howe have much in common. Both have the fantastic ability to create extraordinary worlds, give life to beautiful things and emotions, and create animations that speak to the heart and soul. This common theme led to a unique collaboration between the two. Thus, was born the Dragon Automaton.



With the help of paper, pencil, and many ideas, both Howe and Jaquet Droz have come together to bring us a custom-made creation: the Dragon Automaton. Featuring a total of nine animations, this is probably the most complicated and modern automaton watch ever designed. It houses a random sequence of animations that preserve the magic and mysteryof the Dragon. From its spine that undulates like its tail, the opening and closing of the eyes and jaw, the subtle movement of its tongue, the rising and falling of its crest to the claws grasping continuously at a rotating stone, this unique timepiece demands awe at the first glance.



This unique creation is available in a 43mm case finished in the gold of your choice, with the possibility of it even being available in sapphire. Whether you want to leave it blank or customise it, the case structure offers a comfortable fit on the wrist. The solid dial also allows customisation via engraving or replacing the medallion with another stone. Additionally, the Dragon that is made of gold and entirely engraved by hand can have its scales more or less highlighted.


Keeping up with the changing times, Jaquet Droz also offers a new phygital solution by installing an avenue that allows customers to see their own Dragon Automaton being created.


Images: Jaquet Droz

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