Jatin Sapru Shares His Favourite Shopping Destination, Fashion Preferences And More
Jatin Sapru Shares His Favourite Shopping Destination, Fashion Preferences And More

Find out what Jatin Sapru approves of when it comes to fashion

How do you define fashion? What does it mean to you?


 It’s the easiest way to drop hints about your personality, without the use of spoken words.  What do you consider your personal style statement? I boomerang between classic and extreme. Mostly Harvey Spector, occasionally Ranveer Singh. 




 What was your last purchase?


A floral, funky pair of moccasins.




Do you prefer tailored or off the rack? Where do you get your clothes tailored? What brands do you favour when shopping?


Tailored, definitely. An illfitting suit is like a yummy soup with a strand of hair in it. My suits are made by Ahmad, who runs his store out of Shahpur Jat, in Delhi. No matter where I am, he has my measurements and knows my taste. My go-to brands are Superdry, Massimo Dutti, T.M. Lewin, Diesel and Onitsuka Tiger.




 Are you into designer wear? Which designers are your favourites?


I wouldn’t call myself obsessed with designer labels. My favourite labels would be Thomas Pink and Hermes.




 What do you think of men’s jewellery? Do you wear any?


Dog tags and bracelets were a thing back in college days. Now, it’s just the wedding ring.




What about watches? Are you a fan of them?


Watches are a man’s best friend. Simple. I like easy going daily wear timepieces – Victorinox, Tissot, Raymond Weil. One day, an Audemars Piguet, hopefully.




How would you describe the perfect suit?


It should make you feel better about life, no matter what your shape, size or state of mind.




Do you have any fetishes, such as shoes, watches or socks?


 All three, and add ties and colognes to the list. Funky socks and solid ties turn classic suits into tequila shots. Spray on some Terre de Hermes or a nice Oud, and you’re set.




What are the casual and formal items every man must own?


Shorts and a good pair of flip-flops in casual wear. When it comes to formal wear, apart from the usual, cuff-links, a good credit card holder and proper sunnies. 




How do you like to change things up for weddings and formal events?


I love ethnic Indian wear. A pastel colour kurta or sherwani matched with an eccentric stole is what I’d go with. Or a formal, solid bandhgala with funky, colourful shoes. 




What is your favourite shopping destination in India and abroad?


Palladium in Mumbai, but nothing beats London and anywhere in the USA.




What is one piece of style advice you would give all men?


Make an effort, but don’t overdo it. Style to compliment your personality, not to change it. 




What goes into maintaining your hair and beard?


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