Lads, Here Are 5 Things You Can Borrow From Your Girlfriend’s Wardrobe
Lads, Here Are 5 Things You Can Borrow From Your Girlfriend’s Wardrobe

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In today’s times borrowing from the men has turned into more of a trend than a habitual behaviour. Be it oversized shirts, tees, blazers etc, there is enough and more to hoard from your men. However when the roles are reversed the list might be shorter but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. After all sharing pieces with each other is functional and must be practiced. To throw clarity on the same we have listed 5 things that you can easily borrow from your woman’s closet.



Its one piece of lazy dressing code that the ladies stock up on much like men. A sweatshirt over distressed denim jeans and sneakers can easily help you in pulling off a well put together look.  


Scarfs / Bandana

Scarfs and bandanas are a cool add on to any outfit and easy to style too. It’s also a given to find it in most women’s closets too. Pair it up with a basic tee or a formal shirt for a more go to casual vibe. 



Denim jackets, bomber jackets or leather ones – all are great switch ups for either of the two. Pick out one or maybe a few that suits both and there you have it, a jacket that can co-exist in yours and your partners wardrobe. 



Quirky socks are always a great steal from your partner considering the sizes collide. Moreover you can’t truly never have enough of them. 



Considering matching sweatpants are now a thing (courtesy FashionNova), we suggest you save some bucks and opt for the one in your partner’s closet. 


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