Queer Beauty Creators Who Change The Makeup Game With Their Skills
Looking To Glam Up? Follow These Queer Beauty Creators On Social Media ASAP

Date night, a cocktail party or just looking for a way to express yourself, these makeup artists are a class apart

Makeup has taken the form of art and expression, so it makes sense why the queer community would take up this medium as a way to express themselves. With the community becoming more vocal about their culture, their needs and their sheer existence, queer beauty creators also rose to the occasion and their popularity knows no bounds.


This Pride Month, we celebrate these queer beauty creators, who are out to normalise a lot of things that were once considered taboo and are apologetic about it. These creators are an inspiration to many and if you are someone who is into the world of contouring, baking and attaining that perfect winged eyeliner, then you should definitely follow them on social media. 

Deep Pathare (@justdeepdrama)

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If you are looking for some really dramatic and polished makeup looks, then Pathare is just the right person to follow. The beauty creator has often talked about the stigma and gendering associated with makeup and is constantly on the lookout to break the mould. “I’ve taken the word that’s given me the most shame and turned it into my strongest asset. My identity, my femininity is a superpower, not an obstacle,” Pathare’s bio once read and that’s just the energy we need. 


Rahil Sayed (@rahil_sayed01)

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If you are someone who loves dark and smoky makeup, then Sayed’s account is all the inspiration you need. The ‘brown and proud,’ self-taught makeup artist plays with deep and complementary regal vibrant tones, and he is truly good at what he does.


Shantanu Dhope (@shantanuuu)

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You need to follow Shantanu Dhope if you are into cool transformation reels. Normalising makeup for brown boys, he is one of the biggest names in queer beauty on Instagram. The firm believer of “Brown Boys wear makeup too,” he can give several beauty artists a run for their money. 


Hiten Noonwal (@hiten.noonwal)

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Hiten Noonwal stands for all things fashion. They won an award at the Comic-Con 2018 for best cosplay, a strong sign of how good their work is. Noonwal believes in gender fluidity and relies on makeup as a medium to convey his thoughts. They are loved for their indo-western fusion of makeup techniques and their accessories appear to be their USP. 


Rohit Singh (@roro_love_makeup)

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The queer beauty creator loves to draw out breezy, unique and gorgeous soft-glam looks. Singh aims for people to see the community beyond their gender and says, “Although it is a part of our identity, there is more to a person than their sexual orientation.”


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