How to not be a shapeless blob
How to not be a shapeless blob

Nick Hart, founder and designer of Spencer Hart, shares industry secrets

Every wardrobe should consist of a well tailored jacket and shirt, crisp shorts, good, clean underwear, a white marcella handkerchief and black suede shoes.


When buying a suit off-the-rack, always start with the shoulder. If you can get the shoulders right, the rest of it would just follow. Where it’s made, the design, the fabric and the fit, all these things are very important for a really good tailored suit.


Good tailored garments make a man better than he is. If you wear something shapeless you’ll just look like a blob. If you have something that is impeccably tailored, then it improves the way you look.


Learn how to co-ordinate and mix colours together, and that comes with your evolution of style. Like, wearing a long brocade coat in night blue with white cotton trousers is a very elegant way to play with colours, but if you wear bright orange trousers with that, then that wouldn’t work at all.


If you are going for a black tie event, midnight blue is better than black. The reason is that midnight blue photographs much better under bright lights.


Accessories are there for you to express yourself. So enjoy and have fun with them. Wear beautiful cufflinks with a nice white dress shirt. I would say that less is more, but it’s up to an individual when it comes to accessorising.


There is no special trick to hide a paunch. If someone had a really big belly, then there’s a thing called running. But on a serious note, it would be wise for them to soften down the shoulders and create a shape that would work for them. Wearing black also helps.


Get your shoes right or don’t wear them at all. A bad pair of shoes can totally ruin your entire look. So invest in a good pair of shoes.


The biggest fashion faux pas is when someone is trying too hard to look stylish.

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