Making a Style Statement

Sarod maestro, Amjad Ali Khan talks on style and fashion

– Style, to me, is comfort. It is also my heritage, representing who I am and what I embody.


– Fashion or style should not seem like some sort of an add-on. To me, a kurta is an evergreen style statement. It is inherently Indian, it is beautiful and it is comfortable.


– I derive my sense of style from my ancestors. A lovely velvet or silk kurta in solid colours, combined with a hand-woven shawl, is quintessential Indian style.


– I have a collection of shawls from across India – from Kashmir, from Himachal Pradesh, and from other parts of the country. Many of them are printed shawls. They are stylish and represent Indian textiles at their best.


– If you keep this definition of style and heritage in mind, you will see that it is difficult for me to think of stylish people in the ordinary sense of the word. There seem to be very few people who I find stylish.


– One individual who contributed and respected India and our culture, and showed the world India as it is, was Satyajit Ray and I admire him for that. I also admired his style.


– My wardrobe is a mix of traditional clothes – achkans, kurta-pyjamas, shawls and more. However, that doesn’t mean I am against Western fashion.


– Having said that, I do not believe that everyone needs to go down the Indian route. What I find baffling is how so many Indian men don’t dress according to their body type. When Indian women can do it, why can’t Indian men?


– Ageing gracefully is as important for men, as it is for women, and that should reflect in what you wear.


– If I were to give a piece of advice on what a man’s wardrobe must include, then it has to be a watch, which is the single most important accessory. Getting it right is also important – a black watch strap with black shoes and belt, and in my case, with a black kurta.


– Also, for all those who wear Indian once in a while, and of course, wear sandals with it, socks and sandals never go together, no matter how much someone tells you it does. If it is warm enough to wear sandals, you don’t needs socks. Besides, socks with sandals look terrible with a kurta and churidaar.

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